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Dramatic readings! · 8:02pm Jan 13th, 2015

In what was clearly some sort of cosmic coincidence, within a week I got not one, but two people asking permission to create dramatic readings of two of my stories and post them on Youtube!

Being curious as to how the stories would sound read out loud, I granted permission to both; and both dramatic readings have since been uploaded.

The first was AliCentaur Br0ny, who put up a reading of Changeling; and the second was Dr. Wolf, who created his rendition of "Discord Applies for Citizenship Papers".

Dr. Wolf, in particular, asks some questions at the end that could inspire a whole slew of new stories, so if you're looking for ideas..

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Congratulations on getting those readings! :twilightsmile:



Thank you!

Though it was more luck than anything else, I think...

Luck may have had something to do with it, but would people have wanted to do a dramatic reading of a story they didn't enjoy? :pinkiesmile:



That is true. :twilightsmile:

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