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UniqueKD turns Retsupurae on every fanfic on this site. · 3:25pm Jun 13th, 2015

For my story, My Little Random, I've decided to write parodies of any and all fanfics I come across on this site.

So if someone writes a story littered with cheap corny plot devices and/or bad story structure, it shall be parodied.

For example, here's a preview of the newest chapter added to the My Little Random collection; a parody of 314''s clopfic, 'The Other Pool'.

The Other Rainbow X Soarin Clopfic.

"So, um, why do I have to wear a blindfold during the day, Rainbow Dash, who I am suddenly the boyfriend of?" Soarin asked, as Rainbow Dash led the pathetic stallion to a hillside cave that suddenly appeared due to the arcane powers of plot convenience.

"Don't worry about a thing, Soarin, who is suddenly now my boyfriend because creatures from another dimension ship us together," Rainbow Dash said. "Pinkie Pie - you remember her? She's still a main character on the show - told me about this place I've never heard of before in my life and took her word for it anyway." Upon reaching the cave entrance, Rainbow Dash tried to remove the blindfold from Soarin's eyes, but suddeny remembered wings didn't work the same way as fingers or claws, and instead used her mouth to rip it off.

She pointed a hoof at a big hole in the earth. "Come on, we can fly down because we're the only ponies here with wings conveniently," she said. She leapt down and landed twenty feet away from him, which she knew it was because she obviously was really good at determining how far down this hole she never visited before was.

Soarin followed Rainbow Dash without questioning whether this was a good idea or not, landing on the cold stone at the bottom of the hole. To his left, there was a path that led back up to the entrance, conveniently placed there in the slight chance somepony without wings just happened to wind up in the hole. In front of him there was a large pool of water, the surface of which rippled gently. Soaring found this really odd, since there was no air currents in the cavern they were now in. Oh no, there most certainly wasn't any air blowng down the huge hole they had just flown down, that would be silly and illogical.

He walked over to the edge of the pool of water and took a look into it, seeing his reflection. His distorted reflection gave him a smile, and raised a hoof and waved at him.

"Ah," Soarin cried unenthusiastically in panic, falling over backwards and scrambling to get bak on his hooves. "Dash, what was that?" he asked, breathing heavily.

Rainbow Dash stifled a laugh, finding it amusing that her apparently boyfriend got scared and wet himself. "It's call the Mirror Pool," she began to explain. "Pinkie Pie came across it back in season three, episode three, where she used it to create lots of clones of herself. If you jump into it, it will clone you. Because magic water and stuff."

Soarin glanced back at the pool cautiously. "And why exactly would we want to clone ourselves at all, Dash?" Soarin asked, suddenly winning the Nobel Prize for asking the best one-million-bit-question of the century.

"Because you're really really bad in bed Soarin, and I thought you could use some help from yourself," Rainbow Dash said, trying to be seductive by flicking her tail across the floor because that apparently gets horses off or something. "I mean I could just be shipped with Big Mac or somepony else who lasts more than ten seconds under the covers but, you know, I thought this totally-not-gonna-backfire idea was a good idea."

Soarin processed this information in his head for a moment. "Okay, I guess that sounds like a foolproof plan that won't have consequences which could traumatize us later for years to come," he finally said, nodding his head in approval.

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