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More Awkward Moments · 2:25am Jul 23rd, 2012

Father to my Aunt: "Oh yeah, my son is an excellent writer, all his work is highly praised!" He turns to me, "well except that one story you're always pissing and moaning about but never bother to show me."

Me: "Yeah that one... yeah I'm never showing you that one."

Father: "Well as long as it isn't ponies and unicorns, it can't be that bad."

Me: "...."

Father: "...."



Me: "Alright say it did include ponies and unicorns, what then?"

Father: "Hmm I'd probably run outside and shout, 'I have no son!' Then get bored and go do something else."

Me: "That seems to be a common theme for you."

Father: "I assure you I'm very disinterested in the crap you do, I would only care if I caught you preaching about hippy s**t like peace, smoking oregano, and tolerating your fellow human beings. You -know- how much I hate tolerating other people!"

Me: "You made that painfully obvious earlier this morning when you ran that toll booth giving the attendant the bird as you drove by... you didn't even need to pay a toll, I don't understand why you needed to escalate things."

Father: "It was the principle that mattered, Barret. The principle of me not paying for sh**."



Me: "Okay we're not having this conversation again about socioeconomic solutions. I just want a straight answer from you, would you care or not if I wrote a story about... say ponies and a super hero."

Father: "Is the super hero Batman?"

Me: "Maybe? I don't see how that matters to the question."

Father: "Well if the super hero isn't Batman I don't see why your question deserves an answer."

Me: "You know what, screw this I'm just gonna write a blog complaining about you."

Father: "You do that, son. Because you know what?"

Me: "What?"

Father: "Nooobody would care. Not one person."

Me: "....yeah I'm a brony."

Father: "Noooobody cares!"

Me: "You don't even know what a brony is, do you?"

Father: "No and I do not care. Not even gonna bother looking it up, that is the amount of interest I take in anything you say."

Me: "....Rick Berman made Star Trek better."

Father: "You take that back... right now."

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what happen next.

That's wow, I thought I was the only one with awkward family comments like that.

Make a series, "Awkward Moments in the Life of Ex-Nihilos That Has To Do With Ponies". I would read all of it.

BWAHAHAHAHA! :rainbowlaugh: That's bloody brilliant!

...Are you SURE he doesn't know? :rainbowhuh:

Sounds like your father knows but like most mature fathers chooses to deal with the fact/ leave it alone.

244459 clearly he does now.

...Obviously :twilightoops:

Ex... I can't say I outright KNOW your father, but from the sound of that conversation, it MIGHT be in your best interest to get out of that house perhaps? :twilightblush:


Ok, I am honestly not sure if your father knows and is just being an epic troll or if he actually believes that, because I know that if I were in his place and found out (maybe he got curious and found the file?) I would be hiding the fact that I knew and messing with your head.:rainbowlaugh:

I have a feeling we'll have more conversations to read soon. :pinkiecrazy:

Ex, I gotta say it sounds like your dad is a pretty great troll. Also, you write non-pony things? Do tell.

Father: "No and I do not care. Not even gonna bother looking it up, that is the amount of interest I take in anything you say."

Me: "....Rick Berman made Star Trek better."

Father: "You take that back... right now."

I love you.

Me: "....Rick Berman made Star Trek better."

Father: "You take that back... right now."

I am unable to express using this primitive human keyboard the amount of lol this delivered to me and those sleeping in the same building as me. Magnificent.:rainbowlaugh:

The most interesting man in the world.

Hey uh, I don't think your dad would look down on the story because technically Rorschach just keeps lulling things. Make more soon!!!! :flutterrage: :flutterrage:

Killing*. Damn spelling

My father was actually all for the whole pony thing, not really interested but supportive. I swear once or twice I saw him watching an episode....

This should really be a fic lol

Wow! You really showed him who's the boss at the end. Once again, brilliant, absolutely brilliant.:rainbowlaugh:

I would read the ever loving piss out of an "Ex-Nihilos' Father in Equestria" fic. This needs to be a thing so badly.

your dad sounds amazing

At least your dad is witty about it. Most parents are a little less forgiving.
Also, Batman makes all the difference.

While I do not agree with your father on most issues: Claiming Rick Berman improved Star Trek is a low blow and you should feel bad about it.:ajbemused:

Oh thats beautiful.

That's delicious. You made my day right there. :rainbowlaugh:

I love you, you potato eating chink bastard. So very much.

Aaaand only now do I look at my comments: QUESTION ANSWERING TIME!

244448 How I wish I could do this.

244552 Closer to A, minus the amount of hair, the earring, and is possibly the whitest man you'll ever meet.

244556 Doesn't matter, he is going to troll the hell out of me regardless.

244594 Oh yeah, I write a lot of different subjects. I'm not exclusive to ponies... I also like Star Wars and poetry.

244612 I love you too.

244663 Yeah I've got no excuse to how slow I'm going with the next chapter but it's... going places I guess?

244758 Thank you, Twilight.

244889 Shut the hell up, Prince Adam.

244964 I might make something like that...

245206 I regret nothing.

245658 You're delicious.

247103 The feeling is mutual... minus the chinkiness (that's a word now).

We must be brothers because thats totally my dad.

How do you know I'm delicious? Have you ever tasted me? Not that I mind but :trollestia:

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