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Come what may and test what will, I always find peace in some form of writing. Be it famous, hidden, or simply my own, it is and forever will be a sanctuary.

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Don't Panic · 4:22am May 10th, 2015

In case you already noticed, I moved my two current active stories, "The Same Mistake" and "For Sonnets and Harmony" into a Hiatus state.

This may give some of my longer followers a heart-attack, considering how the last story I did this to hasn't been updated for near a year now, but there really is no cause for alarm. I'm just taking the advice of a few other writers. Now what advice do you think I asked for? Well, specifically, I was accused by more than one long time reader that my stories were shaking at the rails and ready to fall apart.

Yeah, kinda like that. Mainly, complaints were focused on how my inclusion of Link was horribly unnecessary and my constant questing for reader polls pushes the story into directions that make little sense. I tried to mediate that with having Link being akin to "Weird Al" in the actually canon, showing up for half a minute, leaving behind a plot important detail, then vanishing for eternity, but that didn't work. I also tried to pull all the prior choice together for Octavia's final decision, but that didn't seem to do much. So, before I write up the final chapter and draw my noose, I figured it was a good time to step back, work on other project, then come back and knock it off the rails. And if you care, I'm only stopping "The Same Mistake" so I have one less thing to worry about. Seriously, I love Karl, I'm not stopping that story.

But no, I plan on knocking out one or two one-shots, related to my ongoing Twidash challenge, and finishing up the outline for my publication story. Doing a little writing for a RWBY/Zelda fanfic on the side, but like I said, following the advice of others on this. Their advice, you may ask? It wasn't "Stop and let it pile up", it was "Work on something completely different, then come back and work again." Kinda like engineers should really. Stop working at the office to work on projects at home. That's how we BME's stay sane! That and lots of cartoons.

Well, if you have questions, I will answer them, but I promise I am far past and over that "deletion" phase. I still seriously regret all that. I mean, really, if my gun could talk, it would tell you I should stop being a pussy and pull the trigger. Anyways, I hope to see you all soon.

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Comments ( 4 )

I tried to mediate that with having Link being akin to "Weird Al" in the actually canon, showing up for half a minute, leaving behind a plot important detail, then vanishing for eternity, but that didn't work.

I don't know about everyone else, but to me Cheese Sandwich already fit in Equestria the 2nd second he showed up. He was a pony, he was shown throwing a party for Appleoosa, and his sidekick had some really on-point one-liners. :pinkiecrazy: Obviously all you need to do is make a Legend of Zelda crossover story and then crossover that story with your Octaviacorn story. :pinkiehappy:

Good luck with your one-shots and/or staying sane! :pinkiesmile:

A reader poll story is a strange beast that can go questionable directions if you let it. This is water long since over the dam, but I've felt for months that Derpy made zero sense as the flight instructor, for example.

Admittedly, I'm like two chapters behind so I don't know exactly how the concert went and what the final poll was but that's actually related to the above. Once a story like this goes in directions you didn't vote for it's easy to start to lose interest.

Y'know, I normally hate having humans (etc.) show up in otherwise-pony fics. It takes a really good writer and story to make it not feel just shoehorned in needlessly, making the human fill a role any other well-written native character could have.

Did the Link bit seem out of place in the world? Yeah, by definition, but Discord was involved doing a thing in a Discord-style way.

Did the Link bit seem out of place in the STORY? Not at all. I was surprised, but didn't throw my hands up and stomp off to Starbucks to drown my sorrows. I really liked what you did and how you did it. It was a beautiful chapter.

So I think you may be doing the right thing there. Step back, clear your mind, and come back fresh to wrap things up. It's been a great story so far, no point letting it die a dozen lengths from the finish line.

Alright with me. Oneshots are fun as well.

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