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Future Plan · 9:13am Apr 12th, 2015

I'm working on the next Feathered Heart chapter draft as we speak whilst I wait for my pre-readers to give me the go at the draft they are currently reading over. This is to allow the FH readers to at least make the wait worth it. After that though, I'm still deciding whether to make a Gentleman (or Harry/Wingman) story. An intersequel of sorts, which takes place before the sequel of GFM/G4M.

There are a few reasons for doing this. As I'm writing, I'm still trying to ensure that all of the GFM verse writers (for the Original universe, at least), have their timelines, or at least the world building, mix well together. For this, I'm already trying to ensure that Twilight Sparkle is a Princess, maybe dropping the canon title—Princess of Friendship—part of this fanon verse. I'll be hinting that it's about her work with Equestria and Humans building a sort of cordial relationship rather then her spectacular fight against Tirek, because, honestly, that makes more sense to me.

And yes, I'm finally updated, and enjoyed the first two episodes of season 5.

I aim to show some evolution of Harry and Eve's relationship. It's been six months (more or less, still trying to pin that down) after the end of Gentleman for Mares. Harry is a bit more comfortable in the relationship, and views it a bit differently since the last we've seen him, more confident in it, which actually helps him grow, which in turn is actually helping him with his work. Character focus will be Harry, a bit of Eve, Rarity, and even meeting Princess Twilight. I'll probably add some humans as well. I have no idea if it'll be sexy times, and if it'll be for Eve (I don't know if anyone caught this, but I have not ever planned showing Eve and Harry sleep together, and only got away with it with the Rarity-turning-to-Eve chapter). It'll have character interactions (duh), some discussions about culture of both humans and ponies that is hinting on the changes Equestria is seeing, and evolution of Equestrian technology.

The story is a bit simplistic, so I don't want to spoil it. It will be short, maybe just three chapters. Hopefully, it'll be a nice insight on how the Gentlemanverse is progressing.

Have a good one guys.

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Nice. Glad to hear we might hear more from Harry in the near future.

I look forward to all of it.

I'm working closely with Firesight to make sure The Scent of Prey and A Gentleman's Price line up with his planned H.E.R.D. story. While the incomplete story about the first gentleman should rightly be considered apocryphal, I did use Sam McNamara in AGP as Lyra's first boyfriend; I did not name him as a gentleman as bank teller guy is rightly the first.

TSoP runs perpendicular to G4M, starting around the events of "False Starts" in Five Star Service, and AGP runs shortly after it. Firesight can explain it better though.

I would like to see a bit more character development/backstory for Eve as she still seems to be a bit of a blank slate compared to Harry. Perhaps a glimpse of the time Harry spent at her place when he was just starting out from her POV so we could see her developing attachment/attraction.

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