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Wha Teh Fuuuuuhhh? · 3:50pm Nov 20th, 2014

Sooo.....alot has been happening this past week, and those are just three of many, many examples of the effect CAE has had on FimFic.

Crazy shizz yo. Much of it admitably has been overblown nonsense, not least since there's only been four spin-offs to my knowledge, two of which have since been deleted, while the other two have received quite a bit of fire from the darling community. Bit of a wimpy "bandwagon" if you ask me. How many LoHaV stories have there been for example?

has been my reaction for most of it, to see people get so worked up over fictional characters playing a card game, but hey.

How does this effect Cards Against Equiniti II? Quite a bit. What started as a sequel to close off a bit of a crappy ending to the first one will now be something a little bit more....'complex'. All the reactions have given me a few ideas on what I can do, and I'm quite excited to see if I can make them all pay off.

CAE II will be a fic for everyone. Those who loved CAE, those who criticized it, and those who dislike this trend.

Perhaps I should leave it for a few more days though until the furore quietens down... :unsuresweetie:


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Comments ( 3 )

Looking forward to it. And yeah...there are some seriously petty, twisted people on this site who REALLY need to get some perspective. And a bitchslap.

#2 · Nov 20th, 2014 · · ·

2606837 Agreed

i read and enjoyed it. you do know we will now force you to rage review them all MST3K style

there will not be enough brain bleach.

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