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    And with that, I'm off again. Read, comment, like, TVTrope, the whole nine yards.


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Reader Opinion! · 3:05am Jul 20th, 2014

Attention my good Readers!

As you all know, I added the Crossover Tag to my story after Chapter 15. To Revolution! This was due to me fusing Dark Souls with my story by adding in Crossbreed Priscilla and Seath the Scaleless to my story.

However, this is not the only one I have planned.

Currently, there are already two other franchises fused with Resuscitatio, and I am planning on adding in a third in the upcoming Chapter 18. I would like to hear your opinions on this matter so that I can know whether or not I should avoid this in the future. Feel free to speak your mind, I cherish your opinions.

Report Xomniac · 675 views · Story: Resuscitatio Artium Magicarum ·
Comments ( 26 )

Love the current crossovers. Your story is one of the best in this side, so it's clear that you don't need advice, because your doing great job (better than 97% of authors in this side, with very few exceptions being better). I'll read whatever you write, as long as you don't ruin it in a way that kills the fics. Right now, i see the bright future ahead of you.

So, returning to crossovers, yeah, i think their good idea. Keep up to good work

2300752 Not Crossovers, Fusions. Big difference.

fusing and crossover have two different meanings. Crossover has few characters cross to another series either them being naturally there or transported. Fusion on other hand means taking two series, getting them drunk, have rough night in bed and see in 9 months what is the result (meaning making the two series into 1 series)

2300758 in additional note, which one did you mean after that explanation. Crossover or fusion?

2300771 Hm. It appears I was slightly misguided then. Yeah, they're crossovers.

2300778 yeah, it was quite clear you meant crossover. just wanted to see your reaction to how i explained fusion of two series.

I personally don't have an issue with it. I like the addition of Seath and Priscilla and thought you handled it well. The key factor was that you blended them well with your stories universe; it wasn't just Seath and Priscilla coming from Dark Souls into your world, they where already a part of it.

It also helped that you only took a small chunk of the Dark souls universe when you added it instead of a huge mythology blending. That way the focus is still your story instead of a huge melting pot of different series.

As long as any future fusions are handled the same way; with only little bits added on for spice, then you should be fine. I personally like the fusions and am looking forward to more (Rythulians from Journey)

Keep up the awesome work.:raritywink:

What are the two other franchises or have they not shown up?

2300791 They've been shown, in a way. Hints here and there. To be fair, only one has been shown for one, while the other has several, but still. They're there. You've just gotta look for 'em!

I might not be familiar them or I completely missed the hints.

I say go for it. You played Priscilla and Seath into the story amazingly, so let's see what else you have up your sleeves my good man!

Continue as planned, Rouge Leader.

It depends, what are they?

2300830 You're the Inquisitor, you figure it out!

Probably gonna get hate for it but I'm not a fan. You already got so many powerful characters, adding more seems a tad cheap. Be more interesting if Celestia and Luna actually won for once instead of begin stomped.

Edit: Told ya it get disliked but i have to add, and this is just my personal opinion, but I find crossover characters in a story like this very out of place. You have a bunch of OC's, and adding powerful characters from other media seems kinda lazy, especially when the OC's are more interesting.

I don't like it. People who haven't heard of the fused franchise tend to get lost more easily, but when you have potentially 3 unheard of franchises fused, it makes it nigh unreadable.


Honestly, I am not really sure the crossover tag is warranted. Yes you are pulling in elements from other series, but they are so minor and so thoroughly woven into your universe that they do not really qualify as significant elements which deserve a tag. Priscilla was one of my favorite characters in Dark Souls and I still nearly missed the fact that you directly imported her into this, so you should have no problem with the other insertions so long as they are similarly subtle because no one will realize they are not OCs if they are not familiar with the source material.

2301297 Priscillia yeah, but Seath the Scaleless, even people who don't play Dark Souls know who he is and where hes from. One of the most popular characters in the franchise. Plus fimfiction has a rule where any elements from another media warrants a crossover tag.

I would have missed it. If it hadn't been explicitly stated, I never would have known that Seath and Priscilla are from Dark Souls. And I'm willing to bet that whatever else is in this as far as crossovers go, I'll probably miss as well, since at this rate they'll all be from games that I've never played.


2301331 Maybe, but at the same time I feel like there is a point where the character's origin is unimportant. This is a little bit fuzzy for MLP because the characters are not human, but it is very easy to drop human characters from other settings into appropriate places in stories. For example, you can usually drop a military character from one franchise into another in a similar roll without much trouble and no one will realize you pulled your drill sergeant from somewhere else because they fit in perfectly and there was no canon character to fill the roll so you would have needed someone new to fill the slot either way.

2301904 I can agree with that, I have a similar outlook. But MLP and Dark Souls, while both being fantasy settings, are worlds apart in anything else.


2302125 Agreed, although it does work in this story because of how many other elements are being added and the fact that the old world seems to have been much rougher than the show.

No. I don't think it's a good idea. All it's gonna do is make the fights even more laughably one-sided than they already are. Those are boring enough as they are already.

Do what you want mang. It is your story.

On one hand, people love the crossovers and don't mind seeing some more in the story. On the other hand, people don't like the crossovers, because they are just making Scholar's side more and more OP.

Personally, I like the crossovers. The only one I had to look up was the sister trio, since I don't watch much anime.

Personally, I find that elements of crossovers tend to instill a mix of familiarity of character's/world's behavior, excitement at the prospect of interaction, and intrigue as to the results of said interaction.

However, depending on the genre and the worlds you wish to crossover, it can be difficult to provoke those emotions fro the majority of a reading audience.

Although, after seeing what you've done so far, I can confidently believe that any crossover material you produce in the future will be at the very least pleasant.

Honestly, I really just can't wait for your next chapter. The cliffhanger you left us on has become almost agonizing to bear.

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