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    Tv tropes page for Lord Teridax

    I love Tv tropes, so I felt that I had to give a tropes page to one of my favourite villains I have written, Teridax.

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    I have returned!

    From the depths of Manhattan, Broadway and the New York Subway system.

    That's right; I've spent the last 10 days in New York! So that's why I haven't exactly been doing anything. Worry not, for next year, I might finally do some Youtube stuffs, add some more chapters, maybe pen a couple of new stories...

    Skies the limit.

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    Dream Journal 2

    Pretty strange dream.

    It was basically me playing some kind of video game, only I was in the video game. Sort of this Egypt-themed exploration game in the third person, with Harry Potter spells for some reason. Also, there were mummies and precious materials. Weird dream all around.

    Also, today's my birthday. Yay.

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    Why is this so empty

    Today, I bought and then played a bit of a nifty little game called Cult of the Wind. It is a game where you pretend to be airplanes. That is all.

    There's capture the flag elements, and your character makes little plane noises all the time.

    However, it is so bloody empty.

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The League never dies · 11:31pm Jul 3rd, 2014

So, apparently Jimmy the Grape (we miss ya, Jimmy...) decided to delete the League of Humans Acting Villainous group.

I'm sure he had his reasons.

But whatever they were, the new League has been created- again!

That's right! One of the most hated/loved groups on the site has been recreated!

If you haven't already, sign back up to the group almost everybody hates!

Now with 100% less Jimmy... which is kind of sad.

He must have had his reasons, and I'm sticking to that.

Read this fic.

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Comments ( 4 )

With the rebirth of LoHAV I am contemplating returning to work on mine and wonder which side the Lutece twins should take in the war. That is for notifying me of this change btw.

Really?! I loved your lutece twins story :pinkiesmile:.

Its like the song that never ends...
and has mutated into a virus that can spread across the land at will

...and reminds me of this

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