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    Tv tropes page for Lord Teridax

    I love Tv tropes, so I felt that I had to give a tropes page to one of my favourite villains I have written, Teridax.

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Tv tropes page for Lord Teridax · 12:30pm Dec 30th, 2014

I love Tv tropes, so I felt that I had to give a tropes page to one of my favourite villains I have written, Teridax.

The Ace: Probably even more so than Auric. Teridax is an incredible artist, a genius metalsmith, a brilliant scientist, a devious schemer and an incredible tactician, as well as one of the two 3D beings who possesses Understanding. He is also incredibly powerful, and can use his powers so well he doesn't even have to move if he doesn't want to.
Broken Ace: Teridax, however, is completely and utterly insane. His time in prison did not help. Teridax is fully aware that no matter what he does, he will always be insignificant, and has accepted this. However, he also loathes himself deeply for being unable to let go of emotions like lust and love.
Arrogant Kung-Fu Guy: Frequently boasts about how nobody is a match for him, and with his skill and focus, he may be right.
Awesomeness by Analysis: Teridax is in possession of an analytical and inquisitive mind, and this is bolstered by his mind-reading capabilities.
Badass: Undoubtedly. Teridax has only had two major setbacks over four thousand years- everything else he's twisted to his advantage.
Badass Gay: Is infatuated with Auric. This does not in any way interfere with his ability to plan and dominate others who are not him.
Berserk Button: Harm one of Teridax's Rahkshi or allow one to come to harm. He will probably kill you slowly. Also, don't threaten him with imprisonment- although this is likely to cause him to break down.
Big Bad: Of the War of Understanding.
Body Horror: In his past. His body started growing protosteel plates, eventually turning him into his metallic form. Then, the rest of his organic body dissipated into mist. This didn't hurt physically, but Teridax was still deeply scarred by the transformation process.
Blade on a Stick: His main weapon.
The Chessmaster: Rarely appears on the front lines, and spends most of his time layering schemes upon schemes for every conceivable variable. Very few people are left unaccounted for in his plans- and even then, those are usually threats Teridax knows he will have to deal with.
Cultured Badass: Appreciates many different art forms, doesn't swear and is fully capable of committing one-man genocide.
Cursed With Awesome: Sure, he's no longer human, but his Makuta powers, which he possessed when he entered Equestria, have been strengthened incredibly, he doesn't have to eat or sleep, he doesn't age... also regarding Understanding- limitless insanity in exchange for knowledge beyond mortal comprehension.
Combo Platter Powers: Possesses 42 Rahkshi powers, as well as elemental control over shadows and super strength, and whatever mask he's wearing.
Complete Monster
The Corrupter: Created his universe's versions of Nightmare Moon, Discord and King Sombra because it amused him and to break Celestia.
Dangerously Genre Savvy: Justified; due to his knowledge of the multiverse, he is aware of how every single universe works, and uses that to his advantage.
Dark is Evil
Darth Vader Clone
Deadpan Snarker: A master of this.
The Dreaded: So memorable to Auric that thousands of years after his death, Auric still thinks about Teridax.
Even Evil Has Loved Ones: The only beings that Teridax will not willingly dispose of are his Rahkshi children. Killing or harming his children is his major Berserk Button.
Even Evil Has Standards: Abhors destroying universes, due to his knowledge on why that's a bad idea. He hates prisons, due to spending four thousand years in Tartarus. What he wants most for people is for them to be freed of a singular view of the universe, and his very existence proves that there are other universes out there.
Evil Genius: Is incredibly intelligent; his Understanding of the multiverse is only matched in Auric and the Sys-Admins, and his use of his powers is incredibly intelligent.
Fatal Flaw: Pride. Teridax knows he is one of, if not the, most powerful Displaced in the multiverse. However, he needs to prove to himself that this is the case. This is part of the reason why he wants to kill Auric- to prove, once and for all, who the better being is.
Faux Affably Evil: Teridax is personable and civil, at the very least. However, Teridax is an insane monster who has intentionally ruined lives because of his pride.
Genius Bruiser: Uses his smarts more than his bulk, but is still a quantifiable physical master.
Godzilla Threshold: Dangerous enough for Auric to commune with every single variation that existed, as well as merge back with Dullahan and absorb dark magic artifacts in hopes of getting strong as quickly as possible.
Hoist by His Own Petard: Gave Auric a massive block of protodermis to fuck with him. Auric responded by making it a weapon so powerful it is likely to kill him.
Honor Before Reason: Downplayed; Teridax wants to win against Auric in a fair duel between him and Auric; however, he does not fight other enemies with honour. If you get in Teridax's way, he will dispose of you in the cheapest way possible.
Kick The Dog: Once experimented on two thousand Geos in order to perfect a virus that already worked, causing many deaths. After finding a more powerful variant, he simply killed the spares.
Knight of Cerebus: THE most disturbing and evil villain in the whole of the LoHAV.
Large And In Charge: Teridax stands a full three feet taller than his Rahkshi, and is naturally their leader.
Light is Not Good: Teridax can create lasers by creating an absence of Shadow; these lasers are powerful enough to burn through solid rock and are frighteningly intense to look at. Can also shoot lasers out of his eyes, and has created laser guns and light cages powerful enough to hold a Sys Admin.
Lightning Bruiser: Durable enough to shrug off anything but the strongest hits, is incredibly fast with teleporting, agile enough to leap great distances and strong enough to tear through just about anything.
Magnificent Bastard: Teridax is evil, spiteful, manipulative and smug, but he's so Badass and so intelligent and powerful that he becomes this.
Manipulative Bastard: Targets Displaced who are in difficult emotional states, plays them like a fiddle, learns what makes them tick then exploits that for his own gain.
Noble Demon: Has a distinct code of honour. He will follow whatever law a being more powerful than he creates. He will not attack if there is a ceasefire. Teridax will give you a quick death if he feels you have earned it, and refuses to imprison anybody due to his experiences in prison.
Not So Different: Believes this of Auric, and feels that it's only a matter of time before Auric follows him in his footsteps. Both are incredibly charismatic, are geniuses in their respective fields, have both ignored the law in favour of what should be done and both have evolved 'beyond human.'
One Man Army: With his powers and intelligence, he is easily this. In the War of Understanding, Teridax will go up against the Zerg and barely even notice their offence. Almost the entirety of the Forces of Light are needed to slow this guy down.
Orcus On His Throne: Spends most of his time plotting and scheming in his lair, occasionally meeting with Displaced. He spends most of the War of Understanding simply co-ordinating his sons in battle.
Person Of Mass Destruction: Has powers that can disintegrate entire armies, warp gravity itself, create riots, destroy entire cities... he is most definitely this.
Enlightenment Superpowers/Power Born Of Madness: A mixture of the two due to the nature of Understanding. Teridax knows how the entire multiverse works, down to the Sys admins, the Cleaners, the Void itself... however, this means that his mind is incredibly warped.
Pragmatic Villainy: Abandons his plans for his Equestria not because he feels merciful, but because he needs his whole brain on focus for dealing with Auric.
Screw Destiny: Hates 'predestined' fates for anybody and seeks to subvert Destiny by defying it as much as possible.
Spanner In The Works: Umbra and Auric are this to him. The first time, Teridax bounces back. The second time, he doesn't.
The Stoic: Undoubtedly.
Not So Stoic: Was genuinely overcome with grief when Jacques was presumed dead; enough that he will slip up and nearly kill Malideus in a fit of rage.
- He has also made minor slip-ups, such as accidentally finding a world where Ash Ketchum was in a romantic relationship with his Butterfree, and also when a magical girl he met professed him to be her 'husbando.'
The Only One Allowed to Defeat You: Feels this way towards Auric.
Weaksauce Weakness: Both Teridax and his children are vulnerable to bright light, which weakens their powers. Additionally, Teridax can only use six of his powers simultaneously. and switching them takes time. If his armour is pierced or shattered, Teridax will eventually dissipate if he cannot repair it or possess another machine.
Well-Intentioned Extremist: Feels that freedom from a single universe is a high goal. However, he wants to give everything freedom by, ironically, becoming ruler of everything and giving every single person in the multiverse his gift of Understanding.
Yandere: For Auric.

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Comments ( 7 )

How would Teridax react if he found himself in the Void or against Jack or... Actually there is no third option, because Jack is literally unstoppable within the Void, as it is his place of origin.

Wow. Spoilers.

Also, 'cleaners'? I guess SwimmingDalek mentioned his plans, huh?

This character is one hell of a trope circle jerk. He's literally only in possession of traits that make him more powerful; no negative attributes, the "yeah, so he's basically god now" cliche, and a complete cardboard looking personality. For real, this guy is just a generic godmode description.

I can't disagree with that. I will add in some quantifiable weaknesses to him thanks to your suggestion.

Which magical girl?

2689903 Aight, but to be honest, I'm just basing this opinion off of this post and what little I've read so far. The character itself could be perfectly fine, but as far as I've researched he comes a little flat. Like I said the guy feels like a godmode if that explains it.

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