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    It’s been a long time. Anyone reading this message has serious commitment and dedication. I don’t blame anyone who decided to stop reading. Going a year without updating is pretty lazy.

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The End · 4:23am Jun 22nd, 2014

It’s been a long time. Anyone reading this message has serious commitment and dedication. I don’t blame anyone who decided to stop reading. Going a year without updating is pretty lazy.

So why did it take me so long to update. Several reasons, which I will outline shortly. When I first began writing this story, I was a high school student. I did not have a summer job, or any concrete plans for the future except to go to college. I had no formal experience writing, but I enjoyed it.

Now? I’m in college, which to me at least requires a good deal more time and effort than high school ever did. I have an internship (full-time in the summer, part time during the school year), and while it helps me pay my bills, it doesn’t leave me with very much free time. And increasingly, I’ve been spending that precious free time with friends, and with working on a personal project that doesn’t violate Hasbro’s Intellectual Property claims.

But I still have some free time, and it’s time I could spend writing, right? Well, yes, except for the fact that good writing is a painstaking and time consuming process. I like to think I’ve improved as a writer since the beginning of this. I’m taking creative writing courses at my college. And one of the things I’ve learned is that good writing requires reviewing every word and sentence in detail. Back at the beginning I could just churn out chapters because I didn’t even proofread them. And looking back at the first couple chapters, there’s definitely room for improvement.

In summary, if I want to write and keep to a level of quality that I now know I’m capable of, it’s going to take a lot more time than before. Would I like to magically wave my hand and have the story finished? Absolutely. But I also recognize that that’s just not going to happen.

So what's next? According to me official plan, there is one more chapter left in Act 3. After that, we will be effectively halfway through the six act story. For the longest time, whenever anybody asked me if I had any plans to finish World Without Rainbows, the answer was an absolute yes. I wasn’t going to go back on my promises, I said. I made a commitment and I’d stick to it, no matter how long it took. That is no longer true. I will no longer make a promise I can’t keep. Because the more I look at it, the more I realize that the effort required to finish the story just isn’t worth it compared to the other things I could be doing with my time. So I have a new game plan:

I will finish the act. There’s only one chapter left, and it answers a lot of questions while providing closure for a lot of character arcs. It’s a pretty important chapter. It also marks the end of the comparatively grimdark Act 3 and moves the story into a more optimistic tone. (I always knew that Act 3 would be the darkest departure from the show’s optimism, by far.) I will rush the writing of this chapter to try and get it out quickly, to get you all this closure in a timely manner.

My next update after that will be a recap of everything that happened in the story so far. I started writing even before I decided to throw in the towel, and I might as well finish it. It’s told chronologically, not necessarily the order that details were given in the story, and it points out things like foreshadowing and questions that were later answered. I don’t know how enjoyable it is to read, but a refresher might come in handy for what comes after it.

My final update after that will be my plan for the remainder of the story. Planned character arcs and plot developments, including an excerpt from the final chapter that I wrote one day when I was bored. It will also touch on avenues that I considered for the story and ultimately abandoned.

After that? Who knows. I like writing. I like this fandom. It’s within reason that I might try to write some more. But if I do, I’d like to continue my other serialized story, The Most Dangerous Game. But even then, don’t hold your breath. My personal life has become a good deal busier than it had been, and my ability to devote silly amounts of time to this project has closed. I’d like to thank each and every one of you for sticking with me all this time. I never would have gotten this far without your support. But at least for now, World Without Rainbows is coming to an end.

It’s been a wild ride. I’m so thrilled that so many of you subscribed. World Without Rainbows was first and foremost a test to see if I could write a long story without losing interest. And at 200k words, I think I succeeded. But more important than me writing it was you guys reading it. I am genuinely grateful to every single one of you who made it all the way through. No matter what happens, I’ll remember this, and I’ll remember you.
Stay tuned for updates regarding the last chapter of Act III and the supplementary material.

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Great to see a new chapter. It has been a while though that is understandable. A 6 act story of this length is a bit difficult to pull off I must admit. Still good to see something here to send it off.

Now I just need to read some earlier stuff to remind me what brought me in exactly. Noticing the timing I have to wonder if it was me liking the Pinkie part of the story and wondering if there was going to be some hidden shipping with my favorite Pinkie couples. Probably isn't but knowing me that is the sort of thing that kept t me guessing lol.

Oh man, it's painful to see the first fanfic I ever read in this fandom tossing in the towel. Still, you've clearly decided there are more important things to focus on in life, and I can't begrudge a man for being practical. Good luck with your projects!

You've done more than most other authors have. So kudos to you.

It was really fun to read all that you could write, and you are giving it some closure so, thank you for sharing your story with us. It was one of those Fanfictions I started reading when I just joined the fandom, so it will always have a special place in my heart. Good luck with your projects. :twilightsmile:

I understand life is a bitch. When I get some free time. I would love to read the latest chapter.:scootangel:

Won't lie. I'm pretty disappointed.


This was one of the first pony stories I came across when I started reading in this fandom. I haven't thought about it in ages, so the blow is a bit lessened. But it's always sad to read that a fanfic author has to give up on a story. I understand where you come from, though. I was there myself ~10 years ago. It something that happens to a lot of new, talented authors.You start writing, it goes rather well and you plan this big, epic story ahead of you. And then grown up live and college comes around the corner and suddenly the time isn't there anymore.

I'm glad you're going to do a wrap-up post though. Many don't, because "they might finish the story someday". It gives closure to your readers.

I'll echo the sentiments of everyone else here, It sucks that your throwing in the towel. i loved WWR and i suggested it to several friends, all of whom loved it. it's sad to see it go but if its your final decision, then good luck in everything you do. Maybe some time in the future you can come back to it if life gives you free time, you are a great writer. :pinkiesad2:

Thanks for the final chapter and everything else you are posting!

Good luck fine sir!:scootangel:

Man it sucks WWR is ending. but its your decision. I will be here waiting if you ever decide in the future to start writing on it again until then Thanks for the ride its been great!

I won't lie - that's disappointing news. WWR isn't the first MLP fanfic I read, but it's the first epic one I got into. It's a shame to see it end like this. :fluttershysad:

But if the muse isn't there, it isn't' there. There's certainly no other reason to write fanfiction than because it's what you want to do. And if you've found other things that engage you more, you should do them. :eeyup:

In closing, I'd like to say that, to this day, Fluttershy's scene from Chapter Six remains one of my favorite portrayals of her character ever. :moustache::moustache::moustache:

Finishing act three, giving us your outlines of planned character arcs and plot developments, and even recapping the whole first three acts is a tremendous kindness. I don't think I've ever seen a writer do so much to give readers closure when discontinuing a story. You, uberPhoenix, are rad. I'm amazed by the skill with which you wove together AWWR's complex and compelling characters and conflicts. Man, and you came up with this when you were just a high schooler!

It's cool to hear that your creative writing classes have taught you to craft stories with more technical care. If the bustle of your life eventually slows down enough, it'll be great to see you do some more work on "The Most Dangerous Game" and whatever else your muse inspires you to do.

I hope that personal project of yours comes along fine. Seeya, and thanks for writing what, to me, will forever be the definitive dark AU fic.

While I have known you were going to do this for quite a while, it is still sad to hear. Sorry I didn't do more to help. If you ever do decide to write some more I would be happy to help edit again. I might not have taken any of your fancy creative writing classes, but I did enjoy it way back when. But yeah, if you ever want help with anything(excluding murder or puppy kicking) it isn't like you will have trouble finding me.

Well it is sad to see this one go. Stories like this are too rare but being a grown up has to take precedence.
Hearing that you had planned out another three arcs is stunning, I came on mid way through two and assumed with the way things were going it was to end with three, so yeah pretty surprised it was only the half way point.
Hopefully you might find the time to come back to us one day or maybe we will get lucky and another skilled writer will get your blessing to finish it but at the very least not leaving us hanging goes a long way to soften the blow.

Best of luck with your future endeavors pony and otherwise.


Thank you for your support and understanding. It always thrills me to know that people enjoyed this story so much.

Since you broached the topic of other writers doing their own continuations/spinoffs, I'll adress it here. You don't need my blessing if you want to write a continuation. I don't own these characters. The whole reason this story exsts is because I borrowed the characters without their creator's explicit permission and explored a story I wanted to tell, abd it would be hypocritical if I didn't expect the sane from you. And it's not like I would be able to stop you anyways.

Heck, if anyone does write their own World Without Rainbows fanfiction, they can let me know and I'll advertise it here. I'm just as excited to see what people may come up with as you.

Seems like a bit of a kicker in the mud to revive this story now and post a few chapters, but while on the same time letting people know that you have no intentions of finishing the story. You could have left it to stay dead, really. :/

I wish better authors than me had my writing quirks. I write MORE when busy, especially when in transit but mostly as a way to unwind.

It sucks that you are surrendering but you tried and you're willing to at least finish the Act.

Oh well, good luck with your future endeavors and hopefully someday you'll come back to this... Some of us will be waiting.


I apologize for providing you with something to read. Feel free to pretend that I didn't, and now I know better for the future.

Bummer, but I can't fault your reasoning. It would've been nice to start seeing the lighter side again, but I understand that 200k is an awful lot more words. I do appreciate the closure you're planning for what we already have, and thanks for all the story that you did share with us.

::fluttercry:it`s sad that you decided to drop the towel in this story. I hope you succed in college
and in life:pinkiehappy: also i liked to bring to life another alternative.
why dont you give the story to other autor to finish it. (like what happened in sweetie`s chronicles and Wanderer D)

PS: keep being awsome:twilightsmile:

Very unfortunate, but I can certainly relate to your situation. Best of luck.

I liked your stories, but I wish you good luck and good life. No matter what you do, your legacy will still remain here on FimFiction, and the MLP fandom. Good luck and God bless.

Honest. But still saying a chance of more. I can sleep to that. Keeping destinies possible is very purple smart! That said, I always liked the concept the story followed. After a year, the plot was long forgotten but reading the latest chapter was not bring in a unfamiliar story or character. Like ones you cant recall but know. Coupled with random memories of the first couple chapters of act 1, cause this whole story to be memorable like a ancient mystery.

I'm sorry the story just stopped half way.

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