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Just a girl who enjoys writing. If you enjoy what I put up it just makes it all the better.

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  • 127 weeks
    Back at it again.

    New chapter up for A Blossoming Star. Back in it. Are there any people who want a particular story updated next or just whatever? Also thinking about making a gamer Luna sequel since I liked the first one so much. It would be another one-shot. Please put game suggestions down below. I want to see what would interest you guys.

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  • 130 weeks

    What would you say to someone who had a very low point?
    Someone who burned some bridges that they now regret?
    Someone who wonders if they deserve to be forgiven?
    Someone who put off trying to fix it for way too long because they were afraid to face it?

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  • 137 weeks

    Hello. You don't know me but the girl you did know is never coming back. Do yourselves a favor. Forget she existed.

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  • 139 weeks

    Are you all tired of my depressing blogs yet?
    It's sad that people who "care about me" really don't.
    Every day I hurt and they tell me to "get out there" and to "get over it".
    They want me to be happy even after I have explained how that can never be.
    Their intent is not the sad thing though. It's the fact that they don't actually care.

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  • 141 weeks

    It's funny how someone can make you feel the greatest happiness and also the greatest sadness.
    It's funny how every single day I can cry for the same reason and yet the pain never lessens.
    It's funny to hear people say I'll get over it. How does one get over there heart being ripped out?

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I'm so sorry · 9:48pm Jun 21st, 2014

It's been forever since I last updated my story
I'm so sorry about that
I've been so busy with my online classes
I will have it done tonight so my dad can edit it and mikemeiers can proofread it
so in a couple of days you'll have a new chapter
I hope you can forgive me

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