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Discord's Day Art! · 10:10pm Jun 6th, 2014

Some great new art to go along with Discord's Day, drawn by Inkwell-Pony.
Check out his stuff at http://inkwellsartworks.tumblr.com/! These may get colored at a later date, too.

Full view:

And then the separate views!
Unicorn Dash:

Pegasus Twilight:

Princess Fluttershy (with Discord crown):

Report SpinelStride · 621 views · Story: Discord's Day ·
Comments ( 5 )

One thing I really liked about Discord's Day as a story is how totally unenvious Rainbow Dash was. Rainbow Dash loves meeting ponies who are better than her at her specialty. She may well be Equestria's fastest flyer, yet she's still thrilled to have new things to strive for. So being Archmage for a day was super-cool, and watching Twilight Dash was also super-cool.

I love how nervous Fluttershy looks as an alicorn.

My favorite part of Discord's Day was Fluttershy as the Princess of Order for Discord's Day, with her job being to restore the original state of any pony - especially the young ones - for whom Discord's Day was more upsetting than enjoyable.

There maaaaay have been a little added prankishness by Discord involved, too. Since Magic is Friendship, Dash just couldn't help being a paragon of friendship, helping Twilight deal with her frustrations and so on and so forth. Much to Twilight's further annoyance at having Dash be a better friend than her, too. Also, in Testing, Testing, Dash showed some jealousy already - commenting that Twilight is good at everything. So getting to be more-than-Twilight for a day would help some of her own existing jealousy issues.

I like to think that Dash just made some incredibly hazardous and/or foolhardy suggestion that Twilight and Fluttershy are responding to, and they all know Dash is going to do it, and succeed... but their initial reactions are still the same at the idea. :rainbowwild::twilightoops::fluttershysad:

The Discord tiara is definitely my favorite part of the piece. Especially since Discord is probably looking through its eyes at any given time. Or through its ears, its wings, Fluttershy's cutie mark... don't want to get too predictable, after all.


Woowww... they look awesome!

Someone should color this!

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