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"It is beautiful, it is endless, it is full and yet seems empty."

  • EHer Legacy
    On a day of great sadness, our favorite party pony remembers the lessons of her greatest teacher, and foolishly chooses to be alone.
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Our collaboration is out! · 9:27pm May 21st, 2014

Ok I know I've blogged a lot today, but this is pretty awesome. Not only have I published my Pinkie one-shot and it's in the popular box (super yay :yay:)

The collaboration that FamousLastWords and I have been working on is out!!

Crystal Affair

Cheating. It never leads to anything good. Hearts get broken, trust is lost, and lives are ruined. Unfortunately, even the best of relationships are not immune to it.
When it comes to light that Shining Armour has been in a secret affair with Rarity, it leaves Princess Cadence and Spike stunned and badly hurt.
Leaning on each other for comfort, the two devise a plan to not only get revenge on the ponies that hurt them, but maybe even heal their broken hearts along the way.

Check it out! We both put a lot of work into the first chapter, with more to come!

Wow... Her Legacy and Crystal Affair... I'm proud to say I've got a lot of work done recently! Tidal is back baby!!

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Cool, bro. :yay:

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