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"It is beautiful, it is endless, it is full and yet seems empty."


Today is a sunny day... but it shouldn't be.

Pinkie is well known for her optimism, parties, and skills in making delicious sweets... she isn't however known for being sad. When she is most ponies keep their distance so as to not make the situation worse by any means. Pinkie doesn't care though. The only one who can make things better now passed away several years ago... but her impact on Pinkie's life remains strong.

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What do you mean you don't think this is good?
This is wonderful, and deserves to be submitted.
Allow me to add a lesson in here.

4425471 Really?

I lose confidence sometimes I suppose... Thank you my friend :twilightsmile: do you think it's grammatically ready? If so I'll submit it

One thing that bothered my inner grammar nazi:

This things, are the trademark to an excellent party.

These things

Other than that, I don't think that there are any other blatant errors. I am sure I could root out a few more if I tried, but honestly, it isn't needed.
Go ahead and submit.

Gah, this struck me right in the feels, now I have to get stitches again! But this was a very sweet story, one of the best feels fics I've read on this site. Great work as usual Tidal!:twilightsmile:

4426073 I'm glad you enjoyed it my friend :twilightsmile:

Thank you for reading it!

Comment posted by Surry deleted May 21st, 2014

4426305 no worries, it wasn't your fault... I appreciate it my friend, as always!:twilightsmile:

Another excellent story my friend!

Keeo up the great work!:pinkiehappy:

This made me smile and feel depressed at the same time. Having a sick grandpa didn't help either.

But damn, good job with the story, and the message! The thing that made me finally favorite it was the (SPOILER?) fact that Pinkie going out to make the party better with material goods is what caused this all in her mind. It really helps the idea that a party is about the people (or ponies) and not the party itself at all.

Now if only could only stop being such a cynical bastard...

4427261 I'm glad the message got across to the few who did read this... I'm sorry about your grandfather :fluttercry:

I thought that whole thing about the material items was the strongest part of this fic... And I can see it happening to someone like Pinkie.

I feel kinda honored that out of the 4 stories you've favorited, 2 of them are mine! :twilightsheepish:

Pinkie definitely would fall victim to this, which is what makes the fic stronger.

And hey, you earned it. You write good stuff. Now I just gotta get you to favorite my stuff...

And since you passed my standard of having two favorited fics, you also get a follow!

Damn, one more. Would've been cool if I was the 100th though. I think I'm gonna actually unfollow you and wait until you get 99 again lol. I'm deadass

Yeah I unfollowed you lol. Mwhahahaha!

4428248 Lol!! That's cool, I'm excited to get your follow, even if I gotta wait just a little bit longer!:pinkiehappy:

I love your prank fic! I've been keeping track of it:twilightsmile:

Oh yeah I actually forgot you favorited that. Yeah it's one crazy fic, but to be honest I'm not that big into it myself. I'm more of a guy who likes fics that are more thematic and thought provoking. My new one which I'm gonna publish in a few days is the first fic I'll be truely able to say "I'm proud of."

Don't know why one my favorites is a fic where Fluttershy does porn then?

4428338 I'll definitely be reading that one. I feel the same. I love writing fics that have impact!

I didn't see that one...

I have my mature tag off lol:twilightblush:

Agreed. It's the one where Applejack is made obsolete by unicorns who can do her job better and faster.

And you should def read it lol, as well as my other favorited fic.

4428415 Yes! I was excited about that one!:pinkiehappy:

The feeeeeeeels... Man, Tide, why you gotta do me like that?

But sadness aside, this was a good fic. I felt my freaking heart break when Pinkie thought back to finding Granny... I don't know why, but I thought of Gilbert Grape....

4428698 I'm glad you enjoyed it! I hoped to get the message across! It seems I did:twilightsmile:

See? 27 to 0. You had nothing to worry about. Head and shoulders above most sad fics, might I add.:raritywink:

4429972 I didn't expect it to do so good :twilightsmile:

Thank you, my friend!

I really liked this fic. The feels are great - and I can even relate to it.

Last week, my granny past away. I was really sad, but my friends and my family were there for me - and I will always be there for them, if they need me too.

Sharing is the best way to deal with your sadness - and friends are there for sharing. :pinkiesad2:

This was a nice story. And a good reminder about being sad, and that you should not be alone! It is, as you say, better to seek out someone to share the sadness with, and hopefully they can help you smile again.

Thank you. You saved me a lot of heartache.:fluttercry:

I thought that in all due honesty you did a rather good job with this story and this was worth the read. This made me think quite a bit about life and how precious it actually is and how you shouldn't take it for granted because you never know when it could end... Anyway I thought you did a wonderful portrayal of the characters and I can't really say more than just wow, simply wow!

You definitely deserve a follow, a favourite and a like! Well done Tidal!


5322854 Wow, thanks! It's been a very long time since anyone commented on a story of mine. I'm glad you enjoyed it! This concept kept pounding at my head one night until I finally wrote it. I finished it around like six in the morning... after I got the message out I slept like a baby. I just hate seeing people sad and them feeling alone. I hoped this story would help them see they don't have to be alone.

Again thank you. I appreciate the follow, and hope you'll like any of my other stories should you choose to read them!

This.....was amazing. And a very relevant message, too.


How can such a short story have this huge an impact on a reader and follow through with such a powerful message...

Amazingly well done!

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