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    If You Came to Conquer now has a Chinese Translation: 征服命运

    If You Came to Conquer now has a Chinese Translation: 征服命运, i.e. Conquer Fate. (Jhung-fu mn-yn is the closest pronunciation I could figure out.)

    A big thanks to Dreams Set Free for translating it.

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New Story, Early Access: If You Came to Conquer · 6:11pm May 12th, 2014

I finished a new story recently. You can find it by clicking this link or the cover art below;

Dark, Alternate Universe
Nightmare Moon won. She defeated Celestia, broke the Elements, banished the sun. This all happened a very long time ago. So long ago, that she has had plenty of time to change her mind. Of course, nothing is ever that simple, even with help.

The story has received as much polish as I could give it, but I am delaying publishing until EqD looks it over (to try and use that viewcount loophole to get it into the featured box). I know the vast majority of my watchers follow me for Comedy not Serious Stuff, but considering how long EqD can take to look over fics I thought I would give the 29 of you who were interested my followers the opportunity to read it before it is published. :twilightsmile:

Good idea? Bad idea? Should I have just waited until it was published for real instead of giving everyone two notifications?

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Comments ( 6 )

Nah it's fine. I have no issue with early bird stuff. :twilightsmile: I'll definitely give a read before the day's out.

Short, simple answer: I like it, and I don't generally like Dark. To the extent that Nightmare Moon's choice of action on return to the timeline almost ended my interest. But this is good.

My only complaint? It needs to be much, much longer. I want to see what happens. Stories that skillfully offer an ambiguous ending are enjoyable, but I really want more of this one.

Thanks for the preview, and good luck with it!

Light and laughter,

hi hi

I'm certainly not going to complain about having a chance to read it. :ajsmug:

2105241 Keeping it short was part of the point--at the end, Princess Nightmare Moon has moved into the "main" universe (the one covered by the show). While there might be some digressions because of her presence, I'm not sure they could carry a story. Heck, it might even explain a few things (like why canon Luna never seems to do anything overly proactive).

Of course, I wrote this before the S4 finale, so the notion is less defensible now.

Still, glad it was enjoyable despite that :twilightsheepish:

Oh, I was all too aware that was the intent - I should have made that clear in my comment :twilightsheepish: But even so I wanted to see more of this "Luna" working behind the scenes, possibly even making things happen that didn't have any other apparent reason for doing so. A tricky prospect, but I like what you did with it here!

So really, my "complaint" was meant as high praise, summed up even more briefly thus: MORE! :rainbowwild:

Light and laughter,

Quite neat. This story makes Luna secretly the "older and wiser" of the two sisters. That'll be quite a surprise to Celestia someday. :)

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