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"Stuck", or "I Have Lost Faith in This Site" · 1:41pm Mar 12th, 2014

So, apparently, you can never, and I repeateat, never write a story that has the word "debatably" in the description. In case you don't know, Imm talking about Kaijo's "Stuck", a story featuring Derpy in a compromising position and a human male who happens to walk by.

You can't talk about anything other than how there's no doubt that what happened is rape according to U.S. Law, and not paying any mind to the fact that there may be several laws in the fictional land of Equestria that would easily get people to shut the fuck up. You can't try and debate that there may have been consent, because this is the internet, and the fucking hive mind will rain a firestorm of hate down upon you for having a reasonable idea that's not shared by every other white knight there. Also, should you feel like having an idea like the ones mentioned in my previous sentence, you are a cold-hearted, narcissistic, sociopathical, psychopathical, Hitler-loving rapist who would not hesitate to rape anything that moves, and that's final.

Also, it's totally fine to take said story, then, to not only ram home the point that rape is bad when it happens to a fictional character, but to also stroke the cocks of yourselves and others that argued alongside you, write yet another story where the anonymous character from the first is constantly beaten within inches of his life, and hated by virtually everyone. I bet ponies/people who don't know hiw would be mad.

I understand rape is terrible, and I never wish it upon anybody, but this is fucking ridiculous, and it really needs to stop.

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Comments ( 17 )

Hmm... seems like quite the argument happened in those two stories.


Let's try and straighten things out then.


You have no idea. It boggles the mind.

1919767 Tell me about it. I was tried reading the first two comments that "Stuck" had and my brain spiraled.

Relax, my friend.:ajsmug:

This is pretty normal on this site.:twilightsmile:


Then I never want to find the parts where it happens. That was absolutely no fun whatsoever.


Exactly. Someone replied to a comment of mine, and it took me, like, eight minutes to fund it.

Actually it said "Non'violent rape" meaning that it was debatably rape actually meaning whether or not it's violent.


Yeah, I understand, but what people are focusing on is that it said "Rape". I mean, if you wanted to get specific, everyone really seems to be more angry that he put the word "Debatable" in there, but I don't even care enough anymore. I just want to work with the author and get this parody story finished up and published.

Also, we haven't talked in a while; how ya been?

1920651 I've been good, what about you?

Yes but still he was referring to it being violent or not however one would perceive it ,and besides why would people worry about one story when there are many more? On a side note it was a bit of a comedy to me seeing as though it was rape the way Derpy responded kinda threw it out of the window.


You actually read if! Finally; someone actually read the story before forming an opinion! I actually even pointed it out that there was an actual "Rape" group on Fimfiction, but everybody said "Oh, no, see, that's alright". I don't get why, if those are, this isn't. Besides, the author has chosen not to take a stance, and will not be deleting the story so as to not let people seem they've won.

There's some chick there currently that's saying that she still can't believe people would write about this, and that anybody who disagrees with what she said/says is wrong. I'm just flamin' pissed off, and I don't like being that way.

Anyway, I'm also doing fine. Queen is coming slowly but surely, and, like I said, I've got a parody-ish thing of this whole situation that should be out soon. Other than that, I'm just chilling out and playing guitar.

1920695 Well I read it as I would for every clop I read to see what story is there and that was the same for Stuck. I must wonder upon something however why are some people hypocrites? And I would like to see a link to this thread please I want to see what is going on there.

But on a sunny note I hope Queen can come as quickly as possible. Good luck on the rewrites.


The thread is actually the comment section for the story, and there's some more argument in the second link I posted here. I wouldn't read it, lest you just get angry, too.

Yeah, I'm trying to get Queen out there, but I really fell out of writing. I actually banged out about 1500 or so words today, so that's promising (to me). How's the sequel coming to your "Children of the Night" thing?

1920742 Sadly the Fates come and i'm at that screen and about to put the key in and boom something distracts me and everything comes crumbling down. So no I haven't gotten far.


Bummer. Remember though, if you need help, you know where to click.

1920779 Actually about 20 typed keys and a click or two.

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