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I'm pretty uninteresting. I also can't write or draw, but I do both anyway.

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A Queen & You: Part I, Chapter VII - Setting Boundaries · 5:12am Jan 16th, 2020

So, just in case nobody had noticed, I changed A Queen & You from "Incomplete" to "On Hiatus" to "Incomplete" then finally "Cancelled".

I always made promises I could not keep, especially when it came to writing. I very much enjoyed doing it, but I believe it is finally time for me to put this part of my life to rest for real, for good, forever. And this time I mean it.

I always have and always will love the people I met on this site. So many of you helped shape the way I acted, wrote, spoke, and carried myself both online and off. These are memories I will and have looked back fondly on (if with just a hint of teenager's remorse and a dash of embarrassment at some of the things I said).

Anyway tho, with all of that being said, here is my final "gift" to anybody that cares: the two years too late and still unfinished next chapter to A Queen & You. It just felt weird to have make it as far as it did and never let it see the light of day.

Was it really that simple? Had she actually done it?

Chrysalis felt a wave of relief wash over herself. Had she ever personally known such pleasures, the Changeling may have even been able to compare it to slowly entering a warm bath. No matter what it may have felt like though, for she was still trying to comprehend her current reality. 

This creature, this incompetent oaf of a being that had so foolishly allowed her into it home, has finally fully submitted to her, and to say that she felt satisfied would be an immense understatement. The poor Queen had been through quite a bit in the past seventy-two hours, and this felt like her first true victory since. Most definitely not her hardest won, she thinks to herself, resisting the strong urge to smile, but a victory nonetheless. 

Truthfully though, she did not know what exactly to do. Yes, of course, she was the Queen of a hive full of completely subservient creatures, but whereas she knew exactly how her Etas, Gammas, and Zetas would function at any given time, she was finding it near-impossible to get a solid read on this “human” and its behavior. It was a feeling she was most displeased with. Someone such as herself, this near-perfect being practically bred and raised specifically to hunt, kill, and conquer, should not be having anywhere near as difficult a time trying to figure out a problem like this, yet here she was. 

She could feel exactly what the creature felt, as she was feeling those same things about her own situation. Anxiety, fright, confusion - yet she absolutely could not let them show. To do that would be a sign of weakness, and to show weakness would be to accept defeat, and if there was ever one thing Chrysalis was terrible at, it was accepting defeat. However, it seemed that this human was going completely against everything she had been raised to understand.

It was because of this that she had to focus hard on what to do next, as well as how to do it. Using her magic to hold the human felt like a needle at the base of her skull holding her in place, but now that she had relinquished her telepathic grip, the pain had subsided, though only somewhat. 

She needs to get herself back in order. Even before she first woke up in this place, her powers were rapidly depleting. And now it was as if she were being teased by the human in front of her, for although she could detect slight traces of love and all the warm feelings she would commonly prey upon, Chrysalis found herself unable to draw from any of it, like staring down a deep well, yet not having a bucket.

Taking a final moment to steel herself, Chrysalis takes a confident step forward. She opens her mouth to say something, but whatever thought she wished to express is immediately lost. The first syllables dribble off her tongue. Her eyelids flutter, her vision blurs and darkens. 

This cannot be all there is…” she thinks, her last traces of consciousness rapidly fading. 

And with that final thought, the Queen of the Changelings collapses. 


You watch as Chrysalis takes a single step forward. She opens her mouth to say something but does not get out much more than a pathetic whimper before stumbling forward and collapsing. 

It takes you a moment to comprehend what has just transpired. Did you pull some kind of mind trick without even thinking about it and knock her out? Is she even alive, or did she just die right there? You try to take a closer look, straining your eyes to see while still pressing yourself against the wall. 

No, she is not dead. Chrysalis is definitely breathing. You let out a small sigh. 

If she is not dead though, what is she? Was this some complex Changeling thing? Or was it as simple as blacking out? Maybe if she would just tell you even one thing straight, you would know what you should be doing to begin to help. 

Contrary to everything going on and all of the things you should be doing, the first thing you can think to do is slide down the wall until your rear reaches the ground, and then maneuver into a comfortable seating position. If ever there was one thing you knew for absolute certain, however, it is that you are currently in an unfavorable situation. 

You focus again on Chrysalis, who is very obviously still breathing, albeit with each breath seeming to come slower than the one before it. You take a deep breath yourself. When your lungs reach capacity, you hold the air in your chest for a moment before releasing again through your nose.

Come on,” you think to yourself. “Why are you letting her walk all over you?

You believe that it is because you are worried, and rightly so, not only by a cartoon’s unexplained appearance in your home, but also the untold number of ways that she could potentially bring harm to you. However, as most human minds are want to do, you understand that this is not the real problem. You know that you are instead much more worried about all of the extra stress that this development will no doubt bring to you in every facet of everything you do, for no matter where she ends up going after leaving your apartment, you will always be stuck with the knowledge that this creature exists somewhere out in the real world, and who knows what it will get up to, or how many people it might hurt, and how all of that may eventually come back to bite you. 

Now, how are you going to fix this?

That was an easier question to answer, but it was the execution that would require actual effort. The past day or so has been nothing but trying to assert dominance and then backing down the moment Chrysalis displays her own, which was incredibly foolish, as you are now starting to realize that such blatant displays of weakness would have and did only serve to bolster her own resolve. However, after her sudden blackout, it seems you once again finally have some leverage. Now all you have to worry about is holding on to it.

The Changeling is still motionless before you. What an odd creature, she is. Her breathing seems normal, all things considered, as you are able to discern a much more regular pattern than earlier with the rise and fall of her abdomen. For all of the crap she has put you through during her short time in your residence, and despite your own worries and anxieties over the potential implications of her even existing in this moment, you still feel something tugging at you. Something so small, you may have ignored it had the circumstances surrounding that something’s appearance been so extraordinary. What could it be though?

Compassion, maybe? While you are worrying over yourself, the thought occurs that you have not even taken more than a moment or two to consider how Chrysalis is feeling, assuming that is even something she is capable of. After all, how would you feel to have everything you had ever known practically wiped from existence and replaced with a wholly new everything? You can be the fiercest creature in all of the land, but you are still allowed to get frightened and confused from time to time. 

Maybe you should just let her stay with you.

You still do not like the thought of it, but maybe it would be the right thing to do for a little while, if not for any other reason than you will be able to keep tabs on her. That at least sounds better than letting her run off and do whatever she pleases in the real world, because unlike her, you know that not many other people would react the same way you have thus far.

You shake your head. Having a creature like this stay with you is a stupid idea, for any reason. It is something that only happens in movies and books, usually to varying degrees of success anyway. And who knows what a creature like this is capable of, outside of what you already know for sure. The potential for things going horribly wrong are incredibly high, and only continue to increase the longer you let her stay inside with you. 

However, if she were to stay, things would definitely need to change, especially with yourself and how you are handling things. You keep deciding to fix problems, but then fail to follow through the moment that said problems actually present themselves. Normally you are much better about handling yourself, but there is just something about the Changeling that has you quite on edge. Chrysalis has also now shown multiple times that she has zero problems walking all over you, and it is high time that that changes for good.


Chrysalis lets out a small sound, almost as if to let you know that now was the time to stop thinking and start acting. Her front legs slowly curl up to her chest, then extend back to their full length before relaxing again. She inhales deeply, starting a short round of very deep breathing. 

You finally stand back up, stepping away from the wall and folding your arms across your chest. Quickly, you unfold your arms and place them back by your sides, unsure of how you want to appear or what message you want to get across to Chrysalis when she wakes up. You decide, however, that it would be best to go back and keep the arms folded. This is your home, not hers, and you need to show her in any way possible.

And that's all, folks.

Love you, miss you, and thank you for everything.

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To quote a friend who quoted a street rat:
“Genie... You’re free!”

Hope you still pop in and hang out from time to time. Take care.

Thank you very much, Pickleless :)

I for sure will, just much less often than I have been. And thank you, you take care, too!

Thank you for the memories, Lord! I hope the next chapter if your life is everything you could hope for, and I'm glad to hear you'll still at least be active on this site, even if you don't post anything!

Thank you very much for the kind words, and glad I was able to make my corner of the site just a little brighter than others!

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