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hs0003 #1 · Mar 10th, 2014 · · 18 · Stuck ·

No harm no foul.

Jordan179 #2 · Mar 10th, 2014 · · 13 · Stuck ·

Um ... raping Derpy? That's especially cruel ...

Kajio #3 · Mar 10th, 2014 · · 48 · Stuck ·

Well, it's only sorta rape. Kinda a grey area here...

EDIT: I shouldn't have said this. I meant to imply that there are alternative interpretations, and that it might not be clear-cut to everyone. Blarg.

ZAKARI #4 · Mar 10th, 2014 · · 5 · Stuck ·

There's just not enough HumanxDerpy love

Sure, it was kind of rape, but she never said anything, especially after being given ample amounts of time (or so it seems)

I don't care about the specifics though; this was funny, and you deserve more uplikes.

Pyriel #6 · Mar 10th, 2014 · · 4 · Stuck ·

I suppose this meant ponies don't have virginity as derpy wasn't in pain. Also, he likes her butt... Really?

Kajio #7 · Mar 10th, 2014 · · 26 · Stuck ·

Yeah, she never said "no" so you could assume implied consent. The implication, though is that she's simply not familiar with the birds and the bees and thus not truly able to give consent. I hope that the moral quandaries don't get in the way of the intended goal of a silly clopfic...

Seraph973 #8 · Mar 10th, 2014 · · 16 · Stuck ·

Rape fic does not equal romance. Nowhere close to romance. You should remove that tag.

Kajio #9 · Mar 10th, 2014 · · 9 · Stuck ·

The ending includes some romance to it, and the plot sorta revolves around 'your' romantic life. That's my justification, anyway.

You know, not everyone has a hymen. It's been known to break on its own, especially in athletic-ish girls. Just one of those things, you know?

I wouldn't say they got in the way, but that's for me. It seems like people are really focusing on the whole rape thing, which is sad, because you didn't really write it like other, more rape-y stories. I'd just say keep writing whatever you want.

He Rallh Likes My But.............:rainbowlaugh:

Kajio #12 · Mar 10th, 2014 · · 6 · Stuck ·

Derpy being virgin wasn't something that I really thought about, but it would make sense that in whatever accidents she's gotten into that it would have broken sometime :derpytongue2:

I do plan on writing more in the future... hopefully less controversial things, haha

4063256 Hehehehehe. A grey area.:rainbowlaugh: Yeah, she is.:derpytongue2:


Hooray. I look forward to whatever.

Hmm, I'm in a dopamin induced joy overcharge at the moment, so this little story was only oil to the fire, I greatly enjoyed it! Short, yes, but a story of three scenes needs no more than. However, I would like to see other stories like this, in the same universe, also the aftermath of this story as well!
Make a sequel and spin-offs!



This story is awesome and i love it and you:heart:

This story is so wrong on so many levels, but I couldn't help liking it. :rainbowhuh:

Jondor #19 · Mar 10th, 2014 · · 11 · Stuck ·

>Rape story
>Romance tag

Pick one. :pinkiesick:

4063256 There is no sorta rape. That concept does not exist.

4063295 That's true, writers need to make more humanxDitzy stories, or a Ditzy romance at the least.

Kajio #22 · Mar 10th, 2014 · · 30 · Stuck ·

It's not necessarily rape... just not explicit consent. It's non-violent and could be seen as consensual; it's kinda open to interpretation. If you haven't read the story, don't comment on its tags, eh?
I conceived of it... so it does. But the point is that some people might consider what happens rape, and others might not.

4063812 Was there consent? If no, it was rape. Period.

FOREVER. That is what rape IS.

Kajio #24 · Mar 10th, 2014 · · 37 · Stuck ·

Then you consider it rape. Not everyone is going to see it that way. There was no explicit consent, but was it implied? It's a grey area.

this was actually very cute
i agree with the others, a sequel to this would be very good

4063832 There is a very explicit set of criteria for when something is considered rape. The only gray area comes in proving whether someone is speaking the truth or not.

There is no implicit consent. There is only explicit consent. If you are a man, you'd better learn this. If you are a woman... I have no words.

O #27 · Mar 10th, 2014 · · 8 · Stuck ·

Allow me to take some liberties.

Relaxing your grip, you slide your hand down the Kajio's leg. You give his haunch several long strokes, moving your hand slowly from just below his croup to the end of his thigh. Each motion seems to relax Kajio, his muscles and tail relaxing.
“Um,” the Kajio speaks up, starling you slightly, “Mister Monster?”
You halt, unsure of how to respond. You search your mind for something to say, but it is clouded by your lechery.
“Why are you touching my butt?”
His voice is quizzical in tone - like he's genuinely curious. You aren't sure what to make of that. Is he really that slow? Or just that innocent?
“Do you know how to talk, Mister Monster?”
Either way, you opt to remain silent. You'll finish up, give him a helpful push, and be on your way in a moment.
You clear your mind of all but your fantasy and continue your business. One hand works your shaft, while the other kneads the Kajio's ample buttock. With your presence known, you are more liberal with your moans.
“That's okay. I can't talk that good either,” he says, apparently taking your grunts as an attempt at speech. It's so odd; his demeanor doesn't fit someone who's being molested. Was he enjoying this? You ignore him and carry on.

So, here's the question, Kajio-- how do you feel about Mister Monster now? If it's you stuck there, are you calling the police when you get free? Because you never told some strange guy he could touch your ass?

If the person who is in that position is slow enough that they don't know this is wrong, does that make it better, or worse?

This is rape, Kajio. It's rape if someone does it to you, it's rape if someone does it to someone who can't understand enough to consent. It's really, truly, always rape.

Kajio #28 · Mar 10th, 2014 · · 29 · Stuck ·

Did you read the story? I'm starting to think not. The definition of rape is different from country to country, and it's not always black-and-white.

Kajio #29 · Mar 10th, 2014 · · 24 · Stuck ·

Your method of persuasion is confused and disconcerting. I'm never claimed that this wasn't rape, just that not everyone would interpret it as such.

I can just imagine "You" having this look as she says 'He really likes my butt'"

O #31 · Mar 10th, 2014 · · 7 · Stuck ·

You can insert the name of anyone who wouldn't interpret it that way. See how they feel about it, and then tell them they're wrong.

You're the one writing the rape fic, it's your job to make it clear to everyone who reads it that this is rape.

Kajio #32 · Mar 10th, 2014 · · 25 · Stuck ·

But I don't believe that it is clear that this is rape. I think it's pretty unclear that this is rape. I think that's sorta what I want the reader to think about.

Timaeus #33 · Mar 10th, 2014 · · 1 · Stuck ·


Yes you did.

It's not really rape... just not explicit consent.

If this isn't you trying to deny that this is rape then I'm a badger.

Jondor #34 · Mar 10th, 2014 · · 2 · Stuck ·


Oh, I see. Derpy is really just a self-insert. It all makes sense now.

Kajio #35 · Mar 10th, 2014 · · 12 · Stuck ·

Ah, I should have said that it wasn't rape in a cut-and-dry sense, or that it was not violent rape, as that's what most people assume when they hear "rape". Allow me to edit that post...

O #36 · Mar 10th, 2014 · · 7 · Stuck ·

How is it unclear? Here are the questions:
1) Does the girl know what is going on and what you are doing to her? If no, IT'S RAPE! If yes, go to question 2.
2) Does the girl want you to do these things to her? If no, IT'S RAPE! If yes, go to question 3.
3) Has the girl SAID she wants you to do these things to her? If no, IT'S RAPE! If yes, congrats! You are having consensual sex.

This "this is a gray area, we should really think about it" crap is why guys gang rape drunk girls at frat houses-- they think if she doesn't know enough to say no, it's totally not rape!

Stop being a part of that problem, please. Stop "talking about it" with those guys. Recognize rape.

Kajio #37 · Mar 10th, 2014 · · 31 · Stuck ·

Then that's your interpretation. Not everyone is going to agree with it. I'm not saying you're wrong, just not empirically right.

Timaeus #38 · Mar 10th, 2014 · · 4 · Stuck ·


You can't deny the fact that it's still rape. You describe it in your description as rape. Stop trying to blur the lines when this is cut-and-dry rape. You're description is only testament to this fact. The "debatable" in the description changes nothing.

This is a second-person story (a story told about "you"). It is primarily a clop story, and contains non-violent rape (debatably).

Here's the direct quote from your description as proof. Non-violent rape is still rape. And don't harp on about "implied consent." There was no consent here, as O pointed out.

Rape. Is. Rape.

This might be consensual in the same way that I might be a badger

The fact that you don’t see this as rape makes me feel unsafe for the women of your country.

Please get mental help.

O #41 · Mar 10th, 2014 · · 20 · Stuck ·

Look, you don't know me, but I'm a woman. And the idea that there are creeps in this world like you, or like the ones you refuse to correct, who think that just because I don't understand that they're having sex with me means it's not rape makes me furious.

If you, or anyone you know, believes that, that person is a horrible human being who should NEVER be allowed around children, animals, women, or really any being he might "accidentally" violate ever, in his life. I mean, you probably don't want to be drunk around him, right? I do not respect you for giving their points of view the tiniest amount of consideration.

Kajio #42 · Mar 10th, 2014 · · 23 · Stuck ·

I don't deny that this is rape. I deny that everyone will say that this is rape. Is there implied consent? Might be. Is it rape if the victim isn't harmed or if she doesn't care? Debatable.

I think it's great that y'all think this is rape. But I don't want to confirm it one way or that other.

Timaeus #43 · Mar 10th, 2014 · · 2 · Stuck ·


I think it's pretty unclear that this is rape.

Stop contradicting yourself. You've said multiple times that you made this with the mindset of blurring the lines. And yes, it's still rape regardless. No consent means it's rape. Get this fact through your noggin, practically all the comments here are trying to get you to see that.

You either think this is rape or you don't. If you don't, you have problems. If you do and wrote this with the intent of making it a rape fic (which you totally did and just admitted to), congrats, your kinda deplorable.

Kajio #44 · Mar 10th, 2014 · · 13 · Stuck ·

I never meant to imply that I don't think this is rape.

Is it so obvious that there isn't consent? From the protagonist's perspective, she's going along with it. Hell, afterward she's enamored with him.

Kajio #45 · Mar 10th, 2014 · · 1 · Stuck ·

You clearly have a problem with rape fiction. Why are you even here? The whole point of the warning at the beginning was to prevent this sort of discussion.

Timaeus #46 · Mar 11th, 2014 · · 1 · Stuck ·


You're right. I shouldn't be here. I despise rape fiction and I'm sorry for wasting your time. I only jumped in because I was skimming the comments (linked to me by others) and I felt the need to jump in because of what was being said.

I'll tentatively apologize for going attack dog on you.


Let me break this down in a way you can understand:

1) If you are NOT married to the individual, they must ACTIVELY consent to sex. This means saying YES.
2) If you ARE married to the individual, only THEN consent is implied, and he/she must actively NOT CONSENT to sex. This means saying NO.

Because Derpy did not say YES, that meant she did not CONSENT. Having sex with someone who DID NOT consent is RAPE.

Case closed.

Kajio #48 · Mar 11th, 2014 · · 2 · Stuck ·

Not what I expected at all! I thank you for your understanding. I think it's rare to find someone who's willing to back off so peacefully especially online!

O #49 · Mar 11th, 2014 · · 6 · Stuck ·

The fact that the protagonist doesn't know if Derpy understands sex means there is not, and can not be consent.

And there are multiple passages that indicate that she truly doesn't understand what sex means.

Someone who does not understand that sex is happening can NOT agree to have sex, even if they seem to like it.

Kajio #50 · Mar 11th, 2014 · · 9 · Stuck ·

Cool beans, bro. I'm glad you interpret things that way.

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