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I'm pretty uninteresting. I also can't write or draw, but I do both anyway.

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    I always made promises I could not keep, especially when it came to writing. I very much enjoyed doing it, but I believe it is finally time for me to put this part of my life to rest for real, for good, forever. And this time I mean it.

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I guess this is it, you guys. Last blog ever, what a milestone. · 12:11am Sep 9th, 2015

I've been sitting at my desk for the past half-hour trying to think of a good song to quote to get this rolling, but I'm quickly coming around to the realization that there isn't any really way to do something like this other than to just do it. So, without further ado, here I go:

I'm leaving FiMFiction.

Yep, there we go.

I've been tossing the idea back and forth in my head for the past few weeks now, and I've decided that it's finally time to just say it out loud and make it official and get it over with. The quicker the better, after all.

Now, I should get this out of the way right now: my decision has nothing to do with any of you, because you've all quickly become some of my favorite people in the whole world, which is just one of the reasons it's hurting me to say goodbye. "Why are you saying goodbye then if it hurts?" you ask, to which I guess I can't really come up with any one specific answer.

It's definitely nothing from the outside, because I would have put the lid on this thing awhile ago if it was, and it's nothing to do with you guys and girls, as I've said. It's really all got to do with myself. To clarify: it's nothing wrong with the site, I'll still use it, just more anonymously. I've grown just a wee bit disenchanted with the whole account thing, though it's really mainly just my account. I've just been looking for a way to get out of some of the things that I started here and there on the site.

A really good example of what I'm talking about would be my first story on this site, A Queen & You. When I started that thing way back in 2013, I wanted nothing but to write it forever, and, if there are any of you reading this that got to read the original version, maybe you can help me out and tell some of those less fortunate kids out there what they missed when the rewrite happened. Let me tell you, there was a new chapter out, like, every month or so, and it was great, even for a short time after that weird ending where Chrysalis "died" and came back. But anyway, I loved that story more than any other creative project I'd ever been a part of, and, to be honest, the rewrite was the only way I saw myself being able to continue it, and that killed the story for me personally. Not in a creative sense, because I still wanted to really tell the story to those who'd listen, but I think that making that decision flipped some switch in my brain that just made me think, "Okay, now I have to do everything right or people are gonna start jumping ship again." Then, as you all may know, chapters started coming out further and further apart, and though the quality was up there (in my opinion), it just didn't feel like the same thing (to me, at least).

For some reason, that shut a little part of me off, and I was neglecting working on the story, even though I had a fair number of you guys asking me to put out another chapter and continue the tale, and the likes and favorites and comments were still coming in at a reasonable pace. I mean, as I was sitting here typing an earlier part of this message, I got a notification for a favorite, and that's just a bit funny to me.

Please also note that this isn't because my other stuff wasn't getting any love. I could honestly care less about those statistics, and though it was just a bit of a shame, I was able to brush it off with relative ease.

Basically, this is all because I want to just run away from some things on this site and start anew in some fashion. Also, I'm apparently a huge pussy, so I can't just finish/do the things I said I would, and I sincerely apologize if that realization taints any of your images of me.

So now, here I sit, trying to think of some way to sign off of this account forever. I'll for sure thank all the best people I've come in contact with. Maybe I'll link to a song. Maybe Imll just fade away in to the night and think of something witty to say after publishing this. I'm just not too entirely sure anymore.

I guess I'll just get to the thanking (in no particular order, mind you):

HenryAnthonyCourtler, who was one of the first people I met here, who helped the first incarnation of Queen grow in to what it did.

Elusive Phoenix, who was also one of the first people I met, whose love of chickens in a house full of bacon in Arizona will never cease to amaze me.

PonySlayer, who was every bit as good an artist as he was a friend. Thanks for those free pieces, pal.

Burst, who, although we hardly ever seemed to communicate for very often, proved himself to be a wonderful artist and a loyal companion.

LunarPrince69, whose story of Luna/Nightmare Moon ripping apart the Children of the Night will forever be one of my favorite pieces of unintentional comedy (sorry if that sounds mean, man, just know I didn't mean it to).

Permanganate, who pretty much shaped the way I'll be writing for the rest of my life. You're rocking dude, even if your work schedule is a bit crazy.

RussianROFLcopter, The Sexy Assistant, Izzy, who will forever hold my heart. I love you.

And the list goes on and on until the end of time. I'm really, truly sorry I didn't name everyone, but you should all know by now anyway that you've made impacts on my life and style as both a person and user of this website. I'm sorry that I'm calling it quits and leaving you, but we'll never truly be apart, not as long as we keep living on the way we always do on this website (unless you're secretly a douchebag, in which case you should probably work to change that).

And, I guess that's it.

Like I said, I won't be gone forever, I'll just reappear in some new incarnation somewhere down the line.

If you want to gain ownership over any story of mine, please don't hesitate to ask as I won't truly be gone for a day or so. And if any of you ever need to contact me for anything, whatever it may be, please email me at itwasalwaysajoke@gmail.com.

And no, the email itself is not a joke, it's really mine.

So long and farewell, brave Internet explorers, and may we meet again some day in the future.

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Well I knew that this day would come, just not so soon. It's been a fun ride with you Lord. From the beginning of Queen to it's current state and all of the pms that went on. I gotta say I said I wouldn't cry and yet here I am shedding a tear for a great author, and a greater man.

This means very, very much to me, man. And don't worry, I'm sure we'll cross paths again at some point :pinkiesad2:

3379166 I know. And I hope that it happens one day soon. Have a good life Lord. Live long and prosper.

Sad to see authors of good stories leave
I wish you luck on whatever endeavors you pursue in the future.

I remember the first version. I didn't think you should delete it then, and we encourage you not to delete this one either.
Even if you're not here identifiable-ly, it's still nice if you visit. We personally pay homage to a few Fics on Fanfiction .net every once in a while. :pinkiesad2:
Keep going! ;)

Didn't know you too well, but I enjoyed your fic.
Good luck with life buddy.

Dude, you're leaving!?! Man... Time to have serious case of depression for two week like all the time when one of my favourite writers goes. Well, Iv loved your stories and especially loved 'A queen and you'. That definitely shape a positive vein on ponies on earth and I don't want to see it go at all. But for what it's worth, goodbye friend, you're name will always be floating in the back of my mind in the next boring english class.

Thank you very much, man, and don't worry: I won't be deleting anything. And I'll always be around to pop back in, so don't you start going soft on me while I'm gone! :)


Thank you very much for the incredibly kind words. It was people like you that kept the story going, and I'm beyond glad to know that it changed how you look at the PoE genre; it's one of my favorites, and I don't feel it gets the same amount of love that HiE does.

Hopefully we meet again some day.

Bummer. Well, I can't say we really talked much as of late, but it's been fun. Until next time. u__u7

Oh my god, I can't believe I found this so late. I just wanted to say thank you, for being such a good friend to me, though we've lost a lot of connection throughout the years. I'll miss you, bud. I hope some day our paths may cross again, even if you never, ever, see this comment.


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