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I'm pretty uninteresting. I also can't write or draw, but I do both anyway.

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During a particularly snowy day off from school, Button Mash and Sweetie Belle head off and have themselves a grand walk throughout town. However, not all is well, as young Button suddenly feels the need to tell Sweetie Belle how he really feels for her.

Cover image not final, I just needed something to put up there. Will bellowing for a new one shortly.

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Doctor Stable is a pretty well-respected stallion, and Screwloose is a pretty insane mare. Put the two together and you've got something completely unprofessional on your hands.

Preread/Edited by Permanganate, Teku Senpai, and RadicalThestral. If anyone has any critiques/suggestions, please don't hesitate to make them known. Hope you like this.

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One night, two nameless lovers take to a hill and climb, relaxing and truly enjoying the night once they reach the top. That's really all there is to this.

This was written almost a year ago, and hasn't been edited too much. However, whatever editing has actually been done was all thanks to Permanganate, so go show him some love sometime. Like it or don't, thank you very much either way.

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A stallion wakes up in a room with no idea who or even where he is. However, he soon meets an equally lost mare, and the two head off together in search of anything that can help them figure out who they might have been.

Pre-read by the always wonderful Jet Howitzer and Permanganate; these guys are great, and I love them for putting up with me. Any help/criticism you all have to offer is greatly appreciated.

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Joel, Breeze's older brother, leaves for a Weather Convention in Las Pegasus, and sticks Breeze at home with a sitter...who just happens to be Joel's more than willing marefriend.

Now, with two weeks and an empty schedule, the two will have to fight off boredom, chores, and...feelings? What?


Original Idea and Written by Lord of Nothing (Me, woo.)
Edited and Written by Flame Scepter

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You live a relatively normal life in the town of Colorado Springs, working up at the local Target and battling the ocasional bout of snow. However, all of that changes when Queen Chrysalis, a villain from a show you have base knowledge of thanks to the internet, winds up outside your apartment. What could possibly go wrong?

Secret final (unfinished) chapter: Part I, Chapter VII - Setting Boundaries


Featured (or at least put in the box at the top of the site) on December 14th, 2014!

Big thanks to my pre-readers/editors

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