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Welcome to My little piece of Kingdom here. · 3:15am Mar 9th, 2014

Hiya, I'm Queen Phillip (A Black AliZebra) but you can call me Phillip O'Conner

I'm a writer,a photographer,a GED Student in USA,a Gamer,a roleplayer,and a big dreamer who live with my parents. Yeah,I live at home with my parnets. I'm terrible writer because of bad grammer and (Sometime, Spelling).But i have big ambition on My Media projects in stories,LBP levels,ModNation Track,mods,and Karts.I Love writing fanfiction because it finally give a regular person from all walk of life to be just themselves and don't be judge by other people.

Um,i'm have disability call austism and i have a hard time to make some real-life friends.Um,nice and like cool stuff and things and love to make some more friends among the way here. So i some Clopfics. But i have some story idea that would safe for Woona and little babies to read. but it will after i write the next three Clopfics I'm currently working on my Princess Celestia and King Sombra shipping love story and i going to reboot my trixie Clop before i release my first safe for filly fictions here.

Anyways,I going been blog about my upcoming stories,Favorite Music,daily life stuff,and some My little pony NSFW stuff.So, a lot of cool and Awesome stuff (if you lucky,Depend what you like to see here for your viewing pleasure). But you will see some cool stuff like that,I can just post story update here,anyway.Like in the future chapter in Princess Celestia Dark Lover is going more Steamy and more Romatic than last ones that i write for the viewing public. So if you love steamy Clopfics and some strangle Stories than follow me for fun and play with your pony fantasies.

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Comments ( 2 )

So if you love steamy Clopfics and some strangle Stories than follow me for fun and play with your pony fantasies.

>doesn't normally read clop
>loves your stories
I'm gonna stick around. Your stories are too amazing to let go. :eeyup:

1910175 Thank for apply that to me. Welcome. :pinkiehappy:

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