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    Do Princesses Dreams of Magic Sheep? Review and Recap.

    Greeting, Everypony who is not watching strawberry shortcake or Attending three day of San Diego Comic-con. You know what time it is. My Personal Recap and Review.

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Do Princesses Dreams of Magic Sheep? Review and Recap. · 4:23pm Jul 11th, 2015

Greeting, Everypony who is not watching strawberry shortcake or Attending three day of San Diego Comic-con. You know what time it is. My Personal Recap and Review.

Recently, We saw the return of nightmare moon but the setting was back in ancient equestria in the castle of the two sister. Where princess Luna is Nightmare moon But She has a magical Forces to help her. But it Escape and Start Causing Destruction of the Dream Realms. Princess Luna seek the Mane 6 Help to stop it. But The tantabus want on a Dream jump on the Mane 6 and Luna try her best to stop but with every dream the tantabus grew more powerful and it all because it feed off the guilt of Luna when she become Nightmare Moon and Cause everypony the pain and the misery she did to them. So at the closing moment and the climax, Luna combine Everypony dreams in one (Which is so AWESOME and They help her to defeat buttttttttt Luna let go of the past and manage to trap Tantabus in her soul. This episode fell like a two-part Finale or Premiere because the adventure was so packed like the 100th episode we saw last month. Luna was main character in this one and for the first-time ever No cutie Mark Crusaders was including. Which is need to consider because since Season3. we only see her to help the little with them dream and they learn a lot. but they didn't (They never did). But i think the writer should on Princess Luna episode because we all love Princess Luna because she has the ability to go to dream and we love the nightlife a little too much. I love to sleep too but only because i can't take very good shot at night and it really really really show on my iPad. but I hate sleep at night because the dark is kinda soothing if you get use to it. So With Dreams of everypony including and the Return of Nightmare Moon and Changelings which Rainbow Dash was Battling in her Dreams. I give this Episode 5 Sackboy out of 5. Plus i throw a LittleBigPlanet Trophy because i love LittleBig Planet that much. It like the ultimate Dream on Playstation next to Minecraft on all Playstaion and Xbox Platforms.

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