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Abont time! · 4:56am Feb 10th, 2014

I can't link to it here, because it will make some prude over at Google start crying, and we just can't have that, now can we?
But someone has finally done a pic of something other than the TwiXAJ scene from TMV!
Just do a little tag search for the story's name over on Derpibooru to find it. Shouldn't be hard.

Thanks to Kevinsano for drawing it, and probably yet another nameless anon for commissioning it!

Comments ( 16 )

When I saw "About Time" I thought that you finally had a new chapter ready. But thanks for the heads up.

What on Earth are you talking about?

i couldn't find it. what should i type in to find it, 'cause i tried 'twilights midnight violations' and it didn't bring anything up.

I think it's about time we get a chapter...

1818393 agreed, but i still want to see the picture.


Someone commissioned fanart of a scene from TMV. For once it isn't the initial TwixAJ rape scene but instead SBxTwi.

To find it, just search

*midnight violations

Be sure to have foalcon, grimdark, explicit and rape tags unfiltered.

1818408 thank you! see, this is why your awesome, and not just for your amazing stories.

Edit: yep, that's sexy alright. no regrets.

Ohh, okay. I didn't have a clue what story he was referring to. Thanks.


Eh, they're alright I suppose.

1818445 still wish the story would be updated, though. i've read i seven times now, and i really want an update.


Yeah the image is hawt, but I'm not a huge fan of rape in any sense.

1818464 to a point, neither am i. but this story is different, if you ask me. she's not doing it because she wants to. that's always been what get's me; the fact that they would force themselves upon another pony just to sate their desires. plus, everything turns out ok in the end. there's one story called Revenge, now that's a rape story i don't like. the writing is excellent, but the plot is to dark for me.


I had a bunch of issues with that story. There were too many inconsistencies and grammar issues for me to actually enjoy it. Though the first chapter was hawt (the one with AJ x RD) but that might be because I enjoy that ship.

1818609 yeah. oh well, you can't please everybody.

1818609 You have the best name ever...like, ever, man.

Maybe that scene will get a couple more pics just like the TwixAJ scene got with time. Though I wouldn't mind another chapter where we get to see how Twi and Sweetie Belle will interact as here we have Rare who hates Twi/is against Sweetie meeting Twi while AJ kind of gets support from her family/will get support once she has spoken with them about her and Twi. That and I hope the dark rape spirit returns to Twi just the moment when she thinks she has everything under control, she's best friends with Rarity again, her victims have all seen and forgiven her, Luna allows her to see the foals which will come to life and she and AJ and Sweetie also got to some agrement regarding their relationships and yaddayadda and BAAM, Midnight Rape Twily is back to action and starts anew with Spike(pent up sex frustration of the rape spirit, don't ask question why he would rape a boy who can't get pregnant)/Fluttershy/Rainbow Dash/etc and etc. XD XD XD

Maybe next year~ :fluttershysad:

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