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Wanting to get back to writing... · 9:44am Feb 1st, 2017

....But can never actually get started on anything.

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Don't force it, bro. Let it come on it's own. Try going back and reading your old stories again. Maybe they will remind you of how it felt to have that mojo going.

YoGriz #2 · Feb 2nd, 2017 · · 1 ·

I'm sure if people have waited this long, they can wait till the heat death of the universe. There's no rushing true inspiration.

I know that feel, bruh.

I hate to break it to you, but listening to the people that tell you to not force it and just let it happen in time... well, that's shit advice, and you really, really can't fall for that. It's a nice sentiment, but the brutal truth is that good writers are people that just buckle down and write anything that comes to mind. They force themselves to just sit there and bang out whatever is in their head until their mind finally gets around to actually writing the story. Until you just buckle down and go to town, I can guarantee you'll not be finishing your stories.

So take my advice. Nut up. Then make Twilight nut up. It's the only way to get your muse out of the rut.

I'm not going to tell you to take it easy and let it come to you or to toughen up and force yourself to do so, it's your life and in the end only you can decide how you want to handle this situation.

That said, I do hope to see more at some point and as such I hope you'll make a new chapter or story soon enough, either through perseverance, inspiration or whatever other way you may find, good luck and don't give up.

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