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Words words words · 7:15pm May 26th, 2014

If anyone of you manages to keep up with the forum over at the Futaquestria group, you might have seen a small incident. The short of it, I was yelled at, and called a 'bloody cunt' for not agreeing that a word I used, have been using for years, and will continue to use, was somehow offensive.

Now, if anyone knows me, and knows my views on such things, I firmly believe in something that was said by George Carlin many times. There are no bad words. Bad thoughts, bad intentions, and then simply words. I hate when someone wants others to tiptoe around a particular word, just because they think it's offensive. I feel that, more often than not, these people care little for what the word actually means, or the origins of the word, and more about themselves seeming important. "I don't like a word, therefore you must treat me special". Now, to be fair, I doubt that's always the case. I'm sure a lot of these peoples never really stop to consider the issue themselves, and are simply regurgitating what they've been told by others.

Needless to say, I posted a link to a Carlin clip that sums up my position, and locked the thread before things could snowball any further. I realize that there's no real way to argue or reason with someone like this. But, of course, some took it as me taking advantage of my position as group founder to 'win the argument'. Well, if you want to get technical, I had already won the 'argument' before it started. I'm the group founder, and it's moderator. Unless one of the site admins steps in and says I need to change something, my position on something is the group's position. And that position is that we are not going to quibble over what words we can and can not say. For good or ill, we have all chosen to dwell on a website where words are the tools with which we create worlds and weave tales. It would be childish, even neglectful, of us if we started picking and choosing what words are safe and which we should fear at all costs. Someone tried to bring up the old saying of 'words can hurt and words can heal'. I literally had to face-palm as I read that. I had spent far too much of my life, bullied and ridiculed because I didn't fit in with everyone else, before I learned that that old saying was completely false. A word can not hurt you. A word can not help you. It's the person behind the word that hurts or heals. It's the intent with which they use a word that carries the meaning behind it. You friend smiles and calls you an asshole, and you know he's playing around. But some stranger yells at you and calls you an asshole, and you know he means it to hurt. It's the same word, but it's the person and the intent that matters.

I decided to write the blog because, amazingly, a couple days after this 'incident' I found a video what was just posted about this very topic. I would warn you that the video below may contain 'offensive' language, but that would honestly defeat the whole purpose of this blog. Let's just say that, if you're someone who's easily offended over simple, meaningless things, you probably shouldn't watch this.

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Yet again I find a blog post that I wish I could hit some kind of like or favorite button.

Congratulations, you ran afoul of the Social Justice League. Bloody parasprites, the lot of 'em. The Carlin clip is now in my "in case of stupid people" bookmark folder.

*follows link*

Oh, look. Thunderf00t is being awesome again. Off to watch! :pinkiehappy:

...Wait, wait, wait. Let me get this straight: They called you a "bloody cunt" because they were mad at you for using supposedly offensive language?

Wow. They're not simply oversensitive, they're total hypocrites (or at least the specific person who said that is).

That's a fantastic video.:heart:

Yeah, they definitely need a 'fave' function or something for blog posts.

What was the word?

He wasn't using whatever the proper terminology for "person with non-standard genital configuration" is amongst oversensitive westerners this week. He used several words, all of them "wrong". The thread went downhill rapidly from there.

The word was 'shemale'. Honestly, I never heard it be considered 'offensive' before.
Afterwards I mentioned this to one of my friends who happens to consider himself transgendered. His reply was "but I want to be a shemale!" So go figure :twilightoops:

I make up my own swear-words, I don't say 'God Damnit' I say 'Satan Bless it' because if you think about it, the second expression wishes harm and hell upon it.
For example *Clears throat*

How is that offensive..? That doesn't make any sense! :derpyderp2:

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