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Bad art, charity, and commissions closing · 6:04am Nov 2nd, 2013

First of all, I've gotten a little preoccupied with a few things (the least of which is the fact that I am not writing nearly as much as I should be these days), so I'm closing story commissions for now. I just don't think I have time for them, given that I'm being slow as molasses on editing/review commissions as things stand now. (Those of you waiting, I'll get to you soon, I swear.)

Second, in one of my many roles as a volunteer Hater of Terrible Things(tm), I've been informally linking horrible/hilarious pieces of art on DeviantArt that I find on the front page to friends. Someone suggested I start a tumblr for such things, and well, I did. Take a look if you want to see me posting terrible art and mocking it in the tags.

Finally, WardenPony, one of Skirts' editing slaves, is doing a 24-hour charity streaming event tomorrow. Those of you who actually have money, go forth and throw it at your screen for a good cause. Some brief details can be found on his blog here.

Double fine-ally, on the writing front, I... have no idea when I'll have something new here. I'm still focused mostly on original stuff, but I have one story that just needs a complete rewrite and another story that's about 10% written. They'll probably make it on here eventually.

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I like the tumblr, man! I think the best one could be "Juri Thrown In Toxic Acid," simply because the acid is also toxic. Why is the acid toxic? It is already acidic enough to melt them in moments. Is it really necessary to poison the person that is being thrown in acid? Wouldn't the toxins work far slower than the acid anyway? These are all important questions. Questions that need answers.

Or maybe it's late and I should sleep. :rainbowhuh:

We just cannot comprehend the artist's true genius and mastery of subtle symbolism.

I think you're a mental masochist. This tumblr is my proof.

augh vimbert why would you share that. My eyes are bleeding. The blood is pixels. The pixels are red. :applecry:

I do enjoy terrible movies, as well. In fact, tonight I'm going to go see a screening of Tommy Wiseau's The Room where the Wiseau himself as well as the guy who played Mark will be on hand for a Q & A afterward.

So yeah, you're probably right. Probably comes from being raised on old Dragon Quest games as a child. If I could endure that grinding, I could endure anything!


Queen Heavy Moon....

I am scarred for life.:derpyderp2:

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