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    As a few know, this means no weekend updates of Platinum Crown, so just FYI
    But I should be back on track the next week, I think.

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Side Stories for Ponycraft · 8:54pm Aug 17th, 2013

A while back I mentioned that I had grown too disenchanted with WoW and Bliz to write a sequel to World of Ponycraft.

It occurs to me that I should have mentioned that there are more stories in the WoP version of Equestria/Azeroth, and one that could really use a bit more love and attention. I'm hoping that by drawing a few eyes to it that I can spread the love a bit.

The story is "A day at the quest hub"

I really do think that those who enjoyed World of Ponycraft will enjoy Quest Hub as well. The author retains a lot of the all important humor and in-jokes that were very much the heart of what I tried to do with WoP. Give it a try!

(also, for those checking out the blog for non-WoP news... updates are coming for TPC's final arc within the hour)

Report Capn_Chryssalid · 830 views ·
Comments ( 3 )

More Platinum Crown today? I don't think my eyes get much wider than this.

Also, I've had that Quest Hub story in my RiL bin for a while. I should probably pull it into the spotlight soon.

There are a couple of stories I follow here that need me to be in a certain mood for political intrigue and such.

TPC is one of them. Man, your thought process must be really complex to write these sorts of stories Capn.

I'm still hoping you will find the inspiration to write a sequel one day - I would be delighted to read it. :fluttershysad:

In the meantime, I'll keep doing my job :ajsmug:

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