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    Stories I think you should read

    Okay, I'm going to take a break from expanding the Manual of Code Lyoko: Equestria and recommend some fanfictions I think you'll enjoy. Some of these are really famous, others, not so much. But they're all extremely good reads.

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Stories I think you should read · 3:36pm Aug 12th, 2013

Okay, I'm going to take a break from expanding the Manual of Code Lyoko: Equestria and recommend some fanfictions I think you'll enjoy. Some of these are really famous, others, not so much. But they're all extremely good reads.

Fallout: Equestria by Kkat
The story: After Equestria is destroyed in a massive pseudonuclear war, a Pony named Littlepip tries to eke out an existence in the wastelands left over.
Why you should read it: This story is perhaps the most famous fanfiction ever produced by the Bronydom, and it's famous enough to spawn its own fanfictions. Also, it's a crossover with Fallout.
Notes: This thing is a mighty BRICK of text with dozens of chapters, so if you're wanting to read this story you might be in for a very long ride.

Fallout: Equestria - Project Horizons by Somber
The story: After escaping Stable 99 during a raid by cannibals, a mare named Blackjack tries to find out what happened during wartime Equestria... and discovers something far more sinister than she could've ever imagined.
Why you should read it: This story is about as famous as Fallout: Equestria even though it's a fanfiction of said story. It's got a great plot, amazing characters, and it fits well with the tone for the original story.
Notes: Like FO:E this story is a mighty BRICK of text, with more than 40 chapters at last count and growing.

Halo: On the Wings of Angels by Gyvon
The story: Twilight Sparkle reappears under circumstances just as mysterious as her disappearance. Where did she go? The answer will be shocking, and will lead to her telling the story of a species fighting for its right to exist.
Why you should read it: It feels like you're in the universe of Halo throughout the story and it's told in a way that makes it feel like Twilight being in that universe isn't out of the ordinary or dumb. Plus, we get to see just how big a BA Twilie really is.
Notes: Incomplete at the moment.

The Elements of Gaming by HellRyden
The story: Princess Celestia's techies have made an XBox 360 and the Princess asks the Mane Cast to check it out. Hilarity Ensues.
Why you should read it: The characterization is PERFECT for these characters, and we get treated to their reactions to some of the greatest games produced for the 360.
Notes: Just beware Fluttershy here, okay?

On a Cross and Arrow by Conner Cogwork
The story: A teleportation spell gone awry has landed Twilight and the Mane Cast in an Alternate Universe where everypony's gender is swapped. Can they get back home?
Why you should read it: Once again, the characterization is spot-on and the AU feels like the MLP:FiM Universe. Also, the Prime Cast and the AU Cast's interactions.
Notes: BUTTERSHY IS MY OTP Beware Butterscotch and Fluttershy's interactions. They can result in death by anaphylactic cuteness-induced shock.

Star Trek: Equestrian Assimilation by firelordzx5
The story: The Borg have changed their focus from the United Federation of Planets, the Klingon Empire, the Romulan Star Empire, and their counterparts in the Romulan Republic to a planet with a unique form of radiation its inhabitants, a race of pastiche sugar-coated Ponies, can manipulate and, in some subspecies, control. Can Special Operations Taskforce OMEGA, the Honor Guard, and Military Assault Command Operations stop the Borg?
Why you should read it: This story blends the Star Trek and MLP universes together perfectly, and while it's with its fair share of errors (the author isn't a native English-speaker) it's a generally great read.
Notes: Crosses over with Star Trek Online.

Code Pony: Evolution by reterusu
The story: Twilight's bored with life in Equestria and wants to go somewhere new. So when Princess Celestia gives her the opportunity to learn spells that can transit the Multiverse, she jumps on board and takes her friends with her to another world. Now, with her friends in the world of Lyoko, Twilight must help the original Lyoko Warriors fight XANA and his forces.
Why you should read it: This fiction takes the funny attributes of MLP:FiM and amps them Up to Eleven and hangs lampshades on them as well. Everything from Pinkie Pie's ability to break the fourth wall to Applejack's Casual Danger Dialogue follows that formula, but even with that it still retains an air of seriousness, a sort of comic seriousness characteristic to Code Lyoko.
Notes: Like with Star Trek: Equestrian Assimilation it's got its share of flaws, but the French is extremely good and overall it's a very good story.

Code Lyoko: Equestria by Pilot Solaris
The story: An ordinary day in Canterlot becomes all the more extraordinary for the Mane Cast, Spike, and Princess Cadance when Rainbow Dash decides to explore an old warehouse. As the group looks around the old building, they discover a supercomputer tucked away in its basement that links to the fantastic world of Lyoko. But as they explore they'll discover that they're not alone here. And they'll learn that some secrets are meant to stay hidden.
Why you should read it: You're reading this, right?
Notes: While not dark, the story is much more serious than Code Pony: Evolution (not that that means that C:PE isn't a good read!).

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I am a native English speaker.
All the French is Google translated

also, you should have mentioned this quote.

don't mind me, I just need to REBOOT MY SENSE OF REALITY."

Best English sentence of the year award.

1279858 Is that from your fic?

Also, can't friggin' believe you added your own story. :facehoof:

1280900 Yes it is, first episode.
Have you read it?

1280989 No, I haven't. The thing is, all of my knowledge of Code Lyoko: Evolution comes from its TV Tropes page, due to it not coming out in America for some tard-ass reason. So I've kinda been avoiding most stuff involving Evolution like the plague. The only reason I got into Solaris' fic is because it wasn't immediately obvious it took place during Evolution.


due to it not coming out in America for some tard-ass reason.

it's supposed to.
When? And I quote, "The Future."
You can go to the Lyoko wiki and watch it with English subtitles.
And I haven't watched it either.
So, no real spoilers.


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