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    Hello everyone!

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    Or... er... by the way, this chapter comes with a pretty huge, screaming TRIGGER WARNING for SEXUAL ASSAULT.

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The Next Chapter of Ponyville University... Also BronyCon? · 2:12am Jul 26th, 2013

New chapter has been posted! Check it out here!

As always, thanks to Device Heretic, Varanus, GhostofHeraclitus, and the immortal RBDash47 for pre-reading and editing and formatting and generally being awesome people.

Also, a small announcement - I will indeed be at BronyCon this year, and I will be a panelist at the Equestria After Dark panel at midnight on Saturday! Looking forward to whatever craziness goes down this year. I'll also be hanging around the table of the always-awesome EndlessNight, who is selling all the greatest customs. Stop by! Say hello!

I'm going to try to have another chapter out before the con, but we'll see. Either way, see you there maybe?

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Comments ( 6 )

I was going to go, but I didn't have the money at the time to get the tickets.


Awesome! I'll be there too. I'll buy you the alcoholic beverage of your choice post-panel

See you there:rainbowdetermined2:

I shall indeed stop by! Running a panel of my own this year, so super excited for it :pinkiehappy:

Too sweepy to wead this tonight uguu

Also, have fun at Bronycon! You'll rock that panel~

There's going to be an EqAD panel at BronyCon?

Well, I'm glad I know now! I'll be there!

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