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[Story Preview] Part Three of the Riflepony Series · 4:54am Jul 17th, 2013

I'd make a "beating a dead horse" joke here, but we're on a pony site and that would just make everybody sad.

That's right, there is going to be a part three, and below is a link to the first 600 words of the story. Overall, it's a pretty boring preview, but it's something until I can release the metric ass-ton of content I've been working on. The Doc is view only, so if you have comments/death threats you can post them below. Please note that this preview is unedited and is subject to change.

Riflemare Preview

Next post will either be a link to the story I co-authored or the guide, Ponies, Guns and You: Writing Firearms in Ponyfiction. Whichever comes first.

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Comments ( 13 )

Oo. Firearms. This may (will) be helpful. Do that first

If you don't mind.:fluttershbad:

Damn you now I'm all excited and hyper and I want MORE!

1216303 Well... Opal can be described as so close to perfectly white that it might as well be a synonym. It's why writers describe Rarity as "opal." It's one of those colors that is used to describe multiple shades of white. But then again this is essentially a rough draft.

1216152 Well the co-authored story is done, but I'm just waiting on the other writer. The guide will be posted as soon as its done, and the link will be added to a new "guide module" I'll put up on my user page so people can access it whenever they want, along with the other guides I'll be working on. The second one should be a guide to writing OCs.

1216685 yeah I know what you mean, I had to wiki it for clarification. I'm actually surprised no one said anything about it when I used that word for her in COTW. I think I did at least. But anyway, thanks!

If you're already working on a third story for the Riflepony Series, does that mean the next chapter is the last one for Colt of the West? I figure a third installment was needed to wrap up everything brought up so far in the story. Not that I'm complaining. Good things always come in threes.

I wonder though who this mysterious young pegasus is and what she's doing moving into Daring's old apartment.

Wait... Aerial Ace? :twilightoops:

1216972 While I'm unsure at this point how many more chapters there will be, Colt of the West will conclude Braeburn and Daring's story. They will be a part of Riflemare's cast, but no longer as protagonists.

1221571 Oh I see now. That makes me a little sad. :pinkiesad2:

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