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New Chapters Coming · 3:54am September 21st

It's been nearly 4 months since I've released a chapter of Hooves of Fate. I found this slow pace both frustrating and disheartening until I looked at the word count of my document, and found it to be well over 18,000.


Chapters seldom end where I plan for them to end. That's nothing new. But it looks like this block is going to end up divided in two.

So you're in for a treat. When Chapter 63 is finally edited, polished, and ready, Chapter 64 will almost certainly be very close behind.

Comments ( 4 )

Woo Hoo! There's more coming! Keep it up please Sprocket, your story is being followed! :yay:

When I was looking for stories to read last year, I found your story again. But this time it had a lot of chapters in.

You've definitely dropped a whole world on me and I couldn't get enough of Rose Petal way before I even hit the hiatus.

When the day comes this story ends, I hope you would get the Ministry of Image treatment and get your awesome story published in a physical book!

I've always liked that feeling when writing. I mean, I *hate* when it feels like I've spent a whole day writing and haven't gotten anything done, but checking the wordcount and seeing that I've actually made really good progress is always so encouraging. It's a nice feeling.

Really glad to hear we've got so much to look forward to, as well! :twilightsmile:

Looking forward to this! :raritystarry:

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