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Dentist Update: Some Good News · 12:20am September 3rd

There is some good news now. I've been at a first dentist appointment on Tuesday to get a preliminary examination and when the exact tooth that causes the problem was identified, it turned out that it's not a wisdom tooth (or molar, like they are also called, thank you pony author whose vocabulary is bigger than mine), but the second-to-last tooth on the upper right side. Which means, that the tooth doesn't have to go out. :yay:
I was being told that it could be ripped out, as well, to fix the infection or that it could be fixed with a root canal treatment. I decided for the latter. That is still going to be painful, but it will be far, far less worse than a tooth removal. This also means that I won't have to pay for general anesthetics, a simple and quick painkiller shot will do the trick.
Right now, I'm on antibiotics to get the infection more under control first. Next week, I'll be there again to schedule an appointment for the first treatment. It will need more than one appointment to fix the problem, but this should be going mostly smoothly and I anticipate that I will be able to write afterwards.
I'm recovering from one and a half weeks of intense mouth pain right now, but the prediction of several weeks without writing activity should be averted now. Updates will proceed soon.

Stay easy as a filly!

~ Fluttercheer

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