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    Celestia and Luna raise and lower the sun and moon, but any time we see that happen on screen, their horns light up as they use magic to do it...

    The question I have is this...

    How do the Sun and moon move across the sky during the day/night?

    They aren't using magic 24/7 to move them, or their horns would be glowing.

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    Remember to be the version of you that Mr. Rogers would want you to be.

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    Thomas sadly puffed along the tracks around Great Waterton, full of regret over what he had done to Stanley, and the trouble he had caused the other engines. He had made mistakes before, but they all seemed to plae in comparison to what he had done earlier that afternoon. The anger Sir Topham and the other engines had hurt him on a level it never had before. It felt as if they never wanted to

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    Yes, that is all you need.

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Interesting Fact Part 2 · 7:18am Jul 16th, 2023

Now... a quick recap for those who see this blog post, and not the other:

I REALLY like to finish things, no matter how long it takes, and how hard it seems. Usually, things I don't finish are things that are truely impossible.

In regard to this story, I need to specifiy something. If the task I wish to accomplish becomes too hard, I modify the task the create a better chance of completion.

At this moment in time, I am afraid that the current form of this story shall remain on hiatus/incomplete.

HOWEVER, I do still want to provide content to those interested in MLP X T&F crossovers. As such, if the people working on the story with me are able/want to, there will be a complete revamp of this story, using EQG style characters, rather than ponies.

The Blue EM2, of course, has created a wonderful series with this same concept, but I have a good feeling things will be different enough to let both stories be enjoyed.

NOTHING is concrete yet, and I am making no promises. I just wanted to let all the people interested in this story know what is going on in my mind at this moment.

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