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Creating stories is the only thing I have left where I feel like I add value to the world.

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I have a bit of a weirder chapter for you all today. · 9:51pm Nov 23rd, 2022

Today's update to "A Changeling Named Mute" is different from a simple flashback. It is namely a storybook-type chapter narrated by Zarathon about the history of the Quirani or Quirans as a pony would call them. These chapters, "Zarathon's tales" will both provide lore and later on connect to the events in the story, though how that will be done is not something I'll reveal yet. These storybook chapters will also have names in the Quiran tongue but they will all be translated for your convince. Furthermore, I will (try to) keep these chapters shorter than an ordinary chapters and give them a very different feel. I hope all of you will enjoy them! The next chapter will be set in the modern day.

Here is a link to the chapter: https://www.fimfiction.net/story/508619/7/a-changeling-named-mute/zarathons-tales-rani-an-funin-zeni-the-people-of-first-fire-tainted-fire-and-truth-fire

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