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A horrible plague of misfortune has swept the coastal town of Reinshore. With its passing no less than sixteen ponies have died and two more are left broken. However, amid the horrid events, one pony feels compelled to ask why. She may deeply regret this decision.
Answers come in many forms when discussing Reinshore, but often they raise other questions in their place. Why did they do it, what exactly did they do, and why can you hear the breath of three ponies in a room with only two?

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As Celestia muses over her sister's recent return, the sorrow of those long gone haunts at Luna's conscious. Taking it upon herself to cheer her sister up, Celestia both arranges, and stumbles upon the best thing she or Luna could have hoped for.

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Edgeburn & Fireblossom Wheatstalk come from a small farm outside Baltimare. However, now, with the sun setting in El Pinto before them, their new lives reflect their time growing up together. Can these two siblings, with each other as their guide, find their way in this strange place, and maybe leave the world a better place?

Also on Fanfiction.net Same old Jackle The Kitsune.

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