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We all know the story of Nightmare Moon, her return, and her reformation back into Princess Luna. We also know the story of the early days of Princesses Celestia and Luna presiding over Equestria. We have even seen bits and pieces of their lives during the early years of Equestria.

However, never has there been as complete a record of that transitory time. Written by the Princess of the Sun herself, and recently uncovered by Princess Twilight Sparkle, this journal gives insight into the time spanning the end of the original Journal of the Two Sisters and Nightmare Moon's return - including the time during Luna's banishment, and Twilight herself being accepted as the Princess's personal student - from the perspective of the one pony there to witness it all.

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An author attempts to get a Discord origin story submitted by the deadline when he is visited by a somewhat unwelcome (and very chaotic) presence - Discord himself, and he decides to tell his story himself. From his "birth" to the present, he briefly goes over his life (as he and the author argue over what's truthful and what's not).
Rated Teen for a minor sexual reference.

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