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After a long day of work, Applejack and Rainbow Dash spend the evening at their favorite bar, the Golden Mug. There they talk about AJ's past, how she lost her parents and how she and her family made it through those times. Besides that, Rainbow Dash has to find out that even in a nice little town like Ponyville, there are a lot of rumors flying around.


Note: This is a side story to A Silver Summer, but it isn't necessary to read that story to understand this one or vice versa.

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Finally, the summer vacation has started. But for Silver Spoon, this doesn't mean fun and play. She has to go to summer class. And if going to school during precious summer time wasn't bad enough, Apple Bloom is there, too. But what seemed to become a nightmare of a vacation slowly turns out to be a chance to finally change a lot of things in Silver Spoon's life.

As of chapter 22, docontra is proof-reading this story. I can't thank you enough for the help :).

Side story: A Night at The Golden Mug

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