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The biggest challenge so far... My father · 5:34am Oct 14th, 2012

I don't know if any of you are having this problem, but my dad isn't taking the whole brony thing well. I tried the best I could to explain but I don't think he seems to get it. He kept saying I was obsessing over a little kid show and that its unhealthy. Then I told him that the show has plenty of older viewers like myself. I don't think he took that well. Maybe I'm misinterpreting what he meant but he is afraid for my safety because he thinks that by participating in the community that

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152132 Don't worry, the internet has the attention span of a four year old, a week seems like a long time but I've been working on other things. Expect another chapter sometime this weekend.

Please continue the story. You can't get me hooked and just leave it like so many other stories I've liked.:pinkiesad2:

Loving that story so far dude! Please do continue! :twilightsmile:

Cool story bro. Keep it up

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