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  • TSuccession
    Twilight awakens in a world beset by eternal night, caused by the death of Princess Celestia and Luna and the destruction of the Canterlot palace. Can Twilight bring back the sun, save Equestria, and bring history's most vicious murderer to just
    Helrael · 190k words  ·  375  23 · 6.5k views
  • TGenesis
    The story of how the world was created, focusing on the tales of Discord and the alicorn princesses.
    Helrael · 27k words  ·  62  1 · 2.1k views
  • TThe Heart Thief
    Twilight and Rarity find themselves on a desperate race through both the Dragon Territories and the Changeling Kingdom. When a power-hungry changeling steals Spike's heart, it is up to them to get it back.
    Helrael · 55k words  ·  104  6 · 2.5k views
  • TCarpe Diem
    It had been a fall longer than a few feet. It had been a fall from divinity. That crucial blow had damaged more than just her horn. It had shattered her reality. When a kingdom beckons and a queen prepares for battle, how do you pick up the pieces?
    Helrael · 23k words  ·  23  1 · 1.3k views