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(A sequel to Arrow 18 Mission Logs: Lone Ranger)
It all started with an unexpected visitor. A single, curious individual from farther away than anypony could ever have fathomed. At first, a curiosity of a creature to be minded by the Princess' protégé. Then a spectacle as he took ponies where they had never gone before. And finally, an ambassador who brought an entire planet together with the simple realization that there are more important things out there than petty squabbles.

And it all almost went up in a fireball.

But friends don't let friends die so long as they have the power to rend the heavens on sheer force of will.

Now stuck in a hospital bed, Captain Randolph Edwards, commander of the one-man space mission to the anomalous planet known as "Equestria", must wait for a rescue that will be a year in the making... Minimum.

What ever will he do with himself?

(Description written by AdmiralTigerclaw.)

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Suppose for a moment that a person created a beautiful work of art that went on to inspire many hundreds of thousands. Then suppose that that work of art took on a life of its own, drawing on the praise and popularity of the masses. Then suppose that that work of art somehow realized that something was watching it from beyond and somehow made contact with its creator!

What lies on the other side of the page, the canvas, or the screen? Twilight Sparkle and Pinkie Pie are about to find out.

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