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When my hands fail to draw my stories I write them instead

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  • 35 weeks
    Good times :D

    Just wanted to put a little happy note here to say ya girl got the grades for Uni :D
    also for those who liked what a wonderful world i am planning it, i've got the ending planned, but i'm struggling to make up my mind with other things, but i am actually planning this time so it will hopefully be less all over the place.
    So, good times

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  • 128 weeks
    6th form and writing

    *insert awkward greeting*
    Recently I have went back to school after my school holiday which is when I started writing "What a wonderful world". So now being back its updates are going to be slower, which goes for any other story I write from now to probably years into the future as I plan to go to uni as well. In case you were wondering I took Eng. lit, bio and chem...because I'm a masochist.

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when my hands fail to draw my stories I write them instead. at least I try to. Hopefully one day when I get round to it I will set up a YouTube for my art and a RedBubble

as I add story's you may see a common pattern. that is primarily because of most of them being set in an AU which is set around the crystal empire and Hopbra, which is a ship I cant get enough of.

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