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I read it for the Plot.


Virus 2020 · 3:28pm May 9th, 2020

I do hope everyone is staying safe and sane. This Covid crap has crippled a lot of businesses and many economies will be suffering for a while.
Just keep your head up and don't panic. There is life after this madness.
Be well.

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What is to come. · 2:37pm Dec 12th, 2019

Taking into account feedback and my own thoughts on the matter, here is currently my plan moving forward. Subject to change if necessary.
1) An epilogue chapter will be done to cap the current main story into Book 1. This will not end the main storyline, only to leave a solid stopping point for the next part of the story.

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Thoughts on Contiuning the story. · 4:27pm Dec 8th, 2019

This blog wont let me post a poll, so I'll need yall to take a moment and share your thoughts on a few topics.

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I am not dead yet. Really, I'm feeling better. · 1:13am Dec 8th, 2019

If you get the quote, you get a gold star or a cookie or a gold cookie? I dunno, better than coconuts I guess.
So, long story short, life can be a brutal, brutal thing. And while I may not have it nearly as bad as others, it's rough to shoulder things on your own.
I have survived troubled waters and while I'm still bailing out my canoe and shaking my fist, er hooves at the sky, I haven't gone down with the ship yet.

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Horse Noises · 4:35pm Nov 21st, 2017

*Horse Noises*
*Horse Gestures*
*Frustrated Horse Noises*
*Horse Head Bobbing*
*Horse Tailflick*
*Finishing Horse Noises*

And for those of you who do not speak Equestrian, I guess I'll translate.
While the world has not fallen upon my head, spare time has been a bit tougher to come by.

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What has been going on and more horse words to come · 3:19am Apr 20th, 2017

Hello dear readers,
It's been a while.
So I wanted to give you a run-down of what's been going on the last couple of years and why the delays to the story.
I feel like you deserve that much before moving forward.
Short version, the apartment I was renting alone reached a point where it was no longer affordable. Combine that with my job laying me off. I took a new job but it required longer hours and longer commute. Which did drastically cut into writing time.

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Story not forgotten · 10:33pm Jan 9th, 2017

For those of you still hanging about, no, To Love the Moon is not forgotten. And I very much still wish to finish it. Life has just not been kind this past year. But that aside, I'm hoping to begin work on the next chapter. I dont expect it'll be a long chapter, as it's more of an epilogue to book one and moving into post-Trottingham era Luna and Starstep for the chapter after.

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Luna's dark smile of triumph and some clarifications · 12:59pm Feb 2nd, 2016

I think some of you readers may have misinterpreted her smile and missed all of the hints I've sprinkled through this and prior chapters.
I'm not going to completely spoil what's going on, as I'm confident you all can put it together, but I'll point out a couple of things.
1. Luna is not smiling because she's glad about the griffon deaths.
2. Luna knew it was not a mortal wound.
3. "The world is all a stage" Luna quotes from Shakespeare.

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To Love the Moon returns tonight. · 1:39pm Jan 29th, 2016

Are you hyped? I'm hyped.
The story resumes tonight in all its large chapter glory. So if you need to reread the last few chapters to prepare, now is your chance.
This chapter will mark the end of the Exodus story arc and the start of the next.
I haven't decided what to call the next arc yet:
The Prince and the Voices
Night Court Shenanigans
SteelHoof's Niece
BatPonies vs Ol' Rowdy
Sherry and Peach Blossom's House of Pain

Who knows? But interesting times ahead. Stay tuned.

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Chapter 58 draft done, sent to editor. · 11:07pm Jan 10th, 2016

Hey, hey pony folks! 58's draft is done and off to the editor. Clocking in at 19k+ words it should be a tasty treat for those of you who love the story. As soon as the editor can tackle it and send it back, I'll do a final proof-edit and publish.
We're almost there, ponies! Hang tight! :rainbowdetermined2:

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