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Indigo Eclipse

I read it for the Plot.

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I am not dead yet. Really, I'm feeling better. · 1:13am Dec 8th, 2019

If you get the quote, you get a gold star or a cookie or a gold cookie? I dunno, better than coconuts I guess.
So, long story short, life can be a brutal, brutal thing. And while I may not have it nearly as bad as others, it's rough to shoulder things on your own.
I have survived troubled waters and while I'm still bailing out my canoe and shaking my fist, er hooves at the sky, I haven't gone down with the ship yet.
Sadly, our little show of G4 has ended in the meantime. And so I wonder how many of you who are fans of the story are still kicking about?
Is it worth picking my pen back up and trying to cobble together more chapters? Hardest part I suppose is time spent writing is time I'm not making needed money doing side jobs.
Anyway, I figured I'd poke my head in and say hello.

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Idk, I'm still here

I'm still here

It's good to hear from you. If you are willing and actually want to I know I definitely would enjoy seeing more of the story.

Still here.

There's a lot of us still here.

Also, was it Monty Python reference?

Gold plated cookie for you.

Shut up you, you'll be stone dead in a moment.

So you know we just eagerly await. I eagerly await because you had an oc submission contest. Then we waited... And waited...

Good to hear from you and you're still kicking. You've emerged wiser for your life experience good work.

Here let me get you glass of water to help wash down my dry, stale comment.

To be honest, I don't remember that. Was it suppose to be a one-off short story with an OC? You'll have to excuse me as I do not mean to forget, my plate has just been rather full these last few years.
It appears this was important to you and so I am curious as to what I have overlooked.

Still here! Eager for more! :heart:

Still here and would love to see more! Glad to hear things are going better.

The fandom will continue. If Avatar The Last Airbender can still pull in new fans over a decade after that show ended, MLP certainly can, and this site doesn't seem to be going anywhere any time soon.

That's a fair point. G5 might also be good, but I'm not holding my breath. Pony Life looks awful.


Eh, it's just TTG to the original TT. It isn't a continuation of the story, so it'll be easy to ignore if it sucks.

Aye. TTG is... ugg. It very much seems in the vein of that. But it's a side piece, so while I may not like it, it wont hurt what we already have.
I haven't lost my love of Luna, and that was always the root of my desire to do this story. So I have to consider how to proceed.
On the one hand, I could go back and revamp the whole story. Fix and remove elements that were clearly flawed plot-lines and strengthen the great parts.
On the other, let the flaws remain, despite it turning off some readers and press on. I guess my biggest concern there is that trying to repair older plot issues will be like applying band-aids.


At this point, I think the main turnoff for others is simply story length. I recently opened up a story that's a sequel to a 300k-worder that's getting longer as I rewrite and expand bad chapters in it. Not to mention, my average chapter length is ~10k. People don't always want to invest in long reads.

The only question is do you feel happy, or should I just bring you out with the rest of the dead?

But if it's already a long story that people want more of, I'm not sure there's a fix for that?
I mean, I basically could start a new book/sequel at this stage in the story. The chapters got longer for me as it went along because I grew stronger as a writer and wanted to reach a good stopping point at each chapter's end.
I'll never solve people's desire for short reads. TLTM wasn't really ever intended to be that. They either want a well told but long story or they dont. *shrug*
But it doesn't answer if I should fix the old and clean up bad plot points or just keep going.

Some days are better than others :D I just have to remember to look on the bright side of life.

I'm still here and I love Woona love stories so would love to see it...

BTW, Monty Python and the Holy Grail was the best one

Basically you asked for an oc for a cameo, their background ie what they did how they would relate to the story. You would select them for the story based on their needs such as Mason who is a potter that works at a fishery. Simple. More elaborate would have Blinking Signal who has spent years as a signaler on a ship but ended up misreading a signal from port and ended up running the ship aground rendering it scuttled as the hull breach and broken keel was too much to fix. Now he spends his time looking for work at the fishery but never has been able to find a ship to take him on as a signaler.
I think that was what it was.
My submission was and Admiral (i forget the name, may have been my sn its been years, lets just call him More Guns), a privateer for the Equestrian Crown. He is operating near contested trading zones. His Cutie Mark is a Trident held aloft with a bronze medallion behind the fork of the trident. He was based off Admiral Morgan from back in the days of the British Colonization in the Caribbean.

I honestly dont remember this. Are you sure you're not mixing me up with another author? I think I had once played with the idea of putting OCs into the next section of the story involving the Court and nobles as the story shifted to a more political nature back in Canterlot.
I mean, if you can find the post related to this, I'll be happy to take a look. It just doesn't sound familar at all :/

Welcome back, TLTM was one of the first big stories i picked up early in the fandom days, i still followed it actively when it slowed down, ultimately though its up to you, if you've still got the passion for it then there are plenty who would read it, i mean just look at your sheer like to dislike ratio

I'm still here. My body and mind are willing.

I know what you mean. I was browsing back and have not found much lemme check one more thing.
Wait I just remembered something, you made blog about character creation or someone did and I must have mistook something or misrecalled as I would put in as a person a privateer to evacuate the ponies. Just happend to have a few ships in port at the time. That was something totally not what you'd asked about. I just came up with it myself as a game exercise

I thought you left years ago!

Left? Eh I dunno if that's quite the right word. That seems pretty final.
Long time absence perhaps. I've never forgotten about the story and I've kept up with the show. Though that has sadly reached its conclusion.

As you can see, there's still those of us that are around and would read your story should you update, but if time spent writing is time not spent helping to keep your head above water, then focus on yourself first. None of us want you to suffer for this; if you decide you want to write a bit to relax in your free time, that's great, but never sacrifice necessities just to bring us additional horse words.

Always willing to read more, but only if you are willing to write more. Keep it on hiatus if you still need to focus on more important things.

I am still here and would love to see more of this story, it was one of the first that I read. However I wouldn't want you to come back and start writing again just for us, I want you to want to write more of it and feel comfortable doing it. If you feel like you don't have time then don't force yourself. Love your work.

I am still here and would love to see more of this story, and I have to say that your story is one of my favourite stories ever. also your description of luna and her relationship is the best one among all the stories that i heve read so far. (and I have read a loot of them )

Im still here. Id absolutely love to see more chapters

When there's a masterpiece out there. The crowd sticks to it like glue to marvel at its shine. Your story is a master piece in the eyes of many for sure. And I'm sticking to it for a long time. It's worth every second reading it and more. I'm staying for the whole journey. This is too good to let go


i've been sitting in my tent outside the doors to your account, waiting for an update since you last updated. IMMA TRUE FAN!

your story IS a great one, probably the one imma most devoted to in fact. well written, worth every word, and a story I LOVE diving into over and over again. I think i've re-read it fourteen times now?

i will ALWAYS be here for ya, I still need to do some art work for your story too! And I'm totally up for it!

Well, if all else fails, you could go and be that most exciting of careers, guaranteed to put hair on your chest, a gleam in your eye, and make you the envy if your friends and family...a lumberjack!
Leaping from tree to tree as they float down the mighty rivers of British Columbia, with your best buddy by your side!
You'd sing, sing, sing!

It's so great to hear from you once again~ I haven't gone anywhere, I'm pretty comfortable right here.
I hope your situation has been getting better and at the very least, Always Look on the bright side of life ;)

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