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I read it for the Plot.

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    *Horse Head Bobbing*
    *Horse Tailflick*
    *Finishing Horse Noises*

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Horse Noises · 4:35pm Nov 21st, 2017

*Horse Noises*
*Horse Gestures*
*Frustrated Horse Noises*
*Horse Head Bobbing*
*Horse Tailflick*
*Finishing Horse Noises*

And for those of you who do not speak Equestrian, I guess I'll translate.
While the world has not fallen upon my head, spare time has been a bit tougher to come by.
I'm having to find other ways to make a second income because my primary is just barely making ends meet over the past year or so. Not having roomates has been nice, but I'd forgotten that now I'm responsible again for everything. Bills, lawn care, house maintenance, etc. (I'm starting to feel bad for Apple Jack)
That said, I do regret not being able to invest more writing time into the story. More so when I realize that the fandom has shrank a bit and the readership of said fic will be much lower than in MLP's prime.
I've thought about using Patreon in the hopes of giving writing a priority since it would basically become the extra income, but how does one use Patreon for story writing? What possible rewards could you even offer? It's not like a comic who can offer bonus artwork or NSFW variants of comics. Even if I said that with a decent Patreon I could pop out a chapter a month, there's no incentive for non-patreons to contribute since they're getting the same content as the kind supporters. I'm not saying I am going the Patreon route, only that I thought it worth discussion since I know very little about it.
So, at the moment, the story is still floating around in my head. I just haven't figured out a way to balance everything.
And I guess a part of me fears it's too little too late. Perhaps I'm wrong.

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You're kind of late to the party on Patreon for fanfics. Everyone and their mothers seems to have one these days. I COULD tell you how they do it... But that would be me enabling a sickness.

As for the money thing? Man I feel your pain. I've been getting shafted by work and have been using my phone as a hotspot for the last month and a half. I have a flatmate and we both got screwed hours wise... Went a week without power too.
So if anyone can feel your financial pain it's me right now.

As for followers? Who cares? Don't write just for the followers, write because it's something you enjoy and any followers you get is just motivation... Or a potential source of income if you do join the list of people who have disappointed me.

If you're that desperate I can point you at one author that I'm only slightly disappointed in. No I'm not going to say their name, you'd have to support me on Patreon for that info!
Oh. Wait. I'm not on Patreon... You could PM me. I guess

I will never believe it is too late for a story, especially one so well crafted as yours. as for the patreon, I'd say it depends, I have a patreon for my commission art work and my comic. I get roughly fifty dollars at the end of each month from people who just want to support me. they don't all crave a reward, they just want to see me thrive on what I do best.

you write, and so if there are enough people interested in your story(which I believe there are!) then support can come of it. Will it be thousands of dollars and a new way of life, eeeehhh no, most likely not. But it is at least something extra that can keep you stable, or at least more stable.

if you open a patreon, I'll support ya. REGARDLESS of "rewards". I don't require a reward to help someone.

I feel Patreon has it's place. But I believe in giving something back for what is given. I'm fairly certain there are those milking the cow and being ass-hats about it. I don't know if I'm going that route, but it was an idea someone once suggested and so I thought it worth at least discussing. I'm sorry your job is screwing you around. I know that pain all too well. Keep those wings up.

There were a lot more peeps interested in the story once upon a time, but life got the better of me and I have neglected the story. Thus interest waned and they moved onto other things. That was partially my fault. I don't know if I'll mess with Patreon. It just seemed like so many creative types are using it these days.

Even if it's three or more years from now, if you get time to return to the story and have fun writing it, myself and others will have fun reading it. Would be a good time to reread from the beginning too.

I'm still holding on to the hopes that authors like you and ri2 will make it back to fanfiction one day.

I don't like leaving things unfinished. It gnaws at me. I've just been struggling to get things in some kind of order.
I'm glad to hear some readers will return when a new chapter arrives.

I can only speak for one author pair when it comes to Patreon: Anzel and Crystal Wishes.

Patreons get access to a special patron chat on their Discord server, access to an automated text-based rpg on the Discord server that's themed to their storyverse, a patron-only monthly Discord meeting before the main meeting, able to see chapter drafts as they're being worked on, having one or other of the authors help review your own writing, more reliable chance of a character cameo, ability to decide which scenes the authors commission artwork of, the chance to win artwork of your own character, and... maybe more? Some of that is general patron stuff, and some depends on your level of patronage (you get more editing help if you contribute more), and there's likely more that I'm forgetting right now. They've put soooooo much effort into giving back to their fan; it's crazy.

And as far as I'm aware, they don't even keep the money. It's what pays for things like the art commissions for the fans, and any leftover is donated. Just the other day the authors went shopping for Toys for Tots and linked the pile of toys they donated, showing us our donations at work.

Of course, doing anything like that is entirely dependent on your willingness/ability to invest like they have. (Like... Crystal's a coder, so the text rpg on Discord is something she's crafted in her free time.)

Wow, that's a pretty impressive set up they're running. That's pretty cool of them to do donation drives too. Far and above most of the usual patreons I've seen out there.

Im still here, take as much time as you need. I’d hate to see you story die, but it’d be even worse to see the writing lose quality because you felt like you had to get a chapter out.

ive waited this long for an update i dont mind waiting longer i still have plenty other fics to keep me going


Oh hey, cool, you're alive. This was one of my favourite stories back in the day. It's been a looooooooong time since I went back and read it. Hope you're able to find the will to keep working on it.

I mean, it took This Platinum Crown almost two years for another update. It took me a little over a year to get an update on a couple of my stories (with two still on the waiting list, but now high priority), but I had a time/soul-sucking job at an AT&T that kept me from it. Getting into a better place gave me much more time to do what I love.

You'll get there. Just be patient with yourself as much as anyone. Impatience kills the stories that take a while, because it causes authors to give up on themselves. I've seen it several times.

This is true. I have a few FimFic stories on my reading list that never finished and the authors have been silent for nigh on three-four years.
I just hate disappointing the readers. My enjoyment comes from yalls enjoyment.

Congrats on not dying.

I doubt most writers here would get much from donations because a lot of users here are not flush with disposable income. I've seen a lot of users here with RL problems stemming from a stable decent job.


I'd say write when you want too, even if you do try the Patreon thing. Nothing wrong with making a little side money if you can. Just be careful that you don't turn your hobby into another job. Hobbies are things you do to get some time away from the stuff you have to do.

I can say I know how you feel though, at least on the writing part. I don't write as often as I used to due to various things keeping me busier than I used to be, but I do still pick it up now and then and make a bit of progress on the next chapter. I'd like to put out more but I feel like if I forced it I wouldn't be happy with the results, and that'd make it not worth it to me. So, I just keep the pace that I'm comfortable with.

I'll always come back to read more chapters of TLTM though. This was the second story that I started reading after discovering fimfiction five years ago and was the first one I put on my favorites list.

I'm willing to go the patreon route and pay every month just to get a story out. And I don't mind asking nothing for return. Even maybe like added noted ideas for next chapter or sneak peak on the next chapter. But to be honest I hate to see a amazing story continue to float and make no progress. Let us (those people who is ok with giving and expecting nothing in return) help first. Then maybe see how it goes from there. I'll pay for this well written of a story and so in depth. So go ahead. Me and I hopefully can say for a few other. We will support you all the way

I was looking through my older favourited stories - unfinished ones particularly - and wondered what'd happened to them. I'd love to see this story get back on its feet, though not sure how much I'd be able to contribute on a Patreon side, considering my own work is very sparse on shifts at the moment.

As for incentives, pre-reader access is always an option to go for. Or cameo appearances of OCs, the relevance of said OC increasing depending how much they donate. I'm sure there's other small things you could do as well.

well, regardless of where ya go from here, I await anything new ya send our way, your too good of a writer to just let it die ^^

I second talking to Anzel and Crystal. They're amazing!

I don't know much about fanfics and Patreon, but I do know that if you make one, I'll be on it.


I would throw some money at a Patreon for ya. You have my single favorite fic on fimfiction sitting here, and I am dying for more :3

I am so glad you are doing alright, if not as comfortable as you might hope... I can relate. Good luck, and I'm looking forward to whatever comes next from you

You can definitely count me among returning readers. TLtM is still one of my favorite stories on this site.

Even though my interest in ponies has taken a dive over the past year, I still think about this story every few weeks and wonder if it'll ever be finished, what will happen, etc... It's not often I enjoy a piece of writing enough to still be thinking about it after there being only 1 chapter in 2 years. In fact I daresay that's never happened before. My interest doesn't stick around long for just anything. This story simply will not leave my mind. It drives me crazy that it's unfinished. I hope in time you will find some balance in your life and by extension, the time needed to fully realise this story and it's eventual conclusion. Don't cut corners with it, it's a fantastic piece of literature.

I have never forgotten the story. And chapter ideas still rattle around in my head on my commute to work.
Just trying to find a balance with everything and I'm basically tackling it all solo.

I understand completely. By all means, take your time

I gotta agree with this comment. there's a couple other fics like this around here for me, one of which actually got finished.

Good luck, man. You can do it. To Love the Moon was one of my favorites of all time back in the day, and one of the pieces of art that inspired me to become a writer myself. I've long since moved on from the fandom - now I write my own, original works - but I've never forgotten the influence that it had on me, and I've never forgotten you, or your story. Please, continue it at your leisure. We will wait. And I will wait forever if I have to - this story really did mean a lot to me.

Patreon is a good idea to help and I do support as for making a difference to non patreon and patreon. I've seen in the past in giving rewards like teaching how to write a good story or maybe accepting ideas for future content or maybe a few week early access or in the works access. I'm sure there are still many possibilities out there. But to be honest. This story is golden. Its the pearl in the ocean and its very rare. Im sure people will help if you let us contribute. I also feel this rare story hits alot to home in real life with how its going. But overall as us the readers. Let us help with this story. Its just a way for us to show our love to you as a writer to help you bring more spotlight and give you a boost. We will be waiting (impatiently duh) but never ever stop. This is too much of a treasure to stop and a shame to not see it finish. We as the readers await your next and loving chapter. Made by your hands

Writing 101: Don't suck.
But seriously, thanks for the kind words. :rainbowkiss:

Hahahahah very true very true. Also anytime. But still how's life going? And how's the story coming along as well. I'm usually a patient person but your story is really driving my insides crazy. xD So a update would be appreciated if possible on how life is going

You do you and at your own pace, bruv. Just understand that it'll never be too late to start putting chapters out again. I love your work.

I hope you do find the time to continue this and I hope your life has improved to give you more time in general wrighting shouldn't feel like a chore.

If you one day decide to come back yet you do decide to cancel the fic, would you be opposed to releasing your plans for the story so we can see how it ends? I remember the joy that fic gave me reading every chapter 4 years ago. If it turns out you don't have the time and drive to continue, I think we'd at least like some closure. If you do decide to continue someday, props to you! I hope your life is staying upright for you!

I’d like to first say that I love your story so far. From the life you’ve given the characters to the world building it’s been a pleasure to read since...well whenever I first stumbled across it. But however much I love the story, I more so understand how hard it can be to support yourself and still hold up a side project. If you ever did figure out the logistics for a Patreon, I’d be more than happy to help out as I could (and I’m sure others would as well.)
Best regards!

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