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Indigo Eclipse

I read it for the Plot.

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Story not forgotten · 10:33pm Jan 9th, 2017

For those of you still hanging about, no, To Love the Moon is not forgotten. And I very much still wish to finish it. Life has just not been kind this past year. But that aside, I'm hoping to begin work on the next chapter. I dont expect it'll be a long chapter, as it's more of an epilogue to book one and moving into post-Trottingham era Luna and Starstep for the chapter after.
I hope some of my old readers are still floating about and are looking forward to the continuation of the story. I've probably lost my editor by now, so I may have to find a new one when I reach that point. We'll see.
Anyhoof, give me a wave if you're still around.

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Comments ( 49 )

Still here and can't wait!

Good to know you're still around and hope to work on the story soon. Seems like a lot of authors I follow have had RL problems this past year actually.

Hope things turn around for you soon!

4376120 2016 seems to have taken a dump on a lot of people. I only regret I've probably lost a lot of readers in the down-time.


Some of us still keep an eye out, yup. Don't even remember much besides you putting some heavy, heavy conflict into the latest chapters and some messed up stuff going on. I think? Been so long, I'll have to reread it now.

And, for those readers you've lost, when it updates and shuffles to that front page, you'll pick up more. Sites are always a revolving door, and your story is large enough that it doesn't need much more help than you simply writing again to get it seen. Good luck with stuff, Indigo.

4376129 Yeah, the last chapter was the big lead up and battle between the exiles and the griffons. With the final fall of the heavens and Luna's smile.

I still read This Magic Moment after it was on a 2 year hiatus, I will happily wait for an update for a story as good this one.


Still here. I actually checked in on your user page a few days ago to make sure I hadn't overlooked an update.

I've always enjoyed this story, and I'm happy to hear it's getting an update.

I'll throw my hat in the ring for editing, if you want help. I edit (when he needs it) for shortskirtsandexplosions, and I'm an English teacher.


I'm still here as well. I'll probably just reread it at this point.

4376369 You and me both. I need to refresh myself of all the tiny hidden plot-points and hints I sprinkled through the whole story >.>

I hope some of my old readers are still floating about.
is this a dig agents my age you young whippier snapper. :pinkiehappy:
yes I am still hear and watching vary close for up dates but I am betting you knew that.

It's so nice to hear from you again, old friend. I continued to hope, every time, to see an update for this story and I'm glad to see the wait is near over.

My first ever favorited/followed author is back.


4376417 Young? Me? Nah. I'm probably older than a fair bit of FimFic readers.

4376436 You'll always remember your first. :derpytongue2:

Still here and waiting my friend :twilightsmile:

I've not left, lad. I've been patently waiting for your return to this story, because one does not rush art.


4376372 yeah, that's probably a good idea.

if you remember we talked about this I have you bye a few years.

It'll be nice to see an update. I still remember the Star and Nightmare relationship and being eager to see if they'd develop from being plain allies to friends and such.

Ice been around since you got featured on equestria after dark. Like 4 years ago I think.

"I hope some of my old readers are still floating about" Im still around.... since the start

Yo, if you want an editor just drop me a line and I'll be lad to help!

always willing and waiting. this story is too good and too emotional to be forgotten even when time itself forgets it. and also I volunteer if needed. can't wait for the next chapter. hype is definitely back

You have no idea how happy I am to see you say all this XD no matter when it happens I'll be ready for the next chapter, big or small! :) glad to see you're still around!

I about brake into a happy dance when I seen this post from you

Oh god yes!
I fucking love the story! PLEASE, do continue it! I m dying to see it finished

:pinkiegasp: Ohmygosh!Ohmygosh!Ohmygosh!

Still here, waving about!

Hmm, I wonder if I should add the Alternate world tag? At this point, it deviates on a few major points from the show.

4376336 I'll certainly keep it in mind. Do you know old english (aka Luna speak) to make sure it's right? I've learned a lot about the archaic forms of that speech but I still make mistakes.

4378734 My minor had a lot to do with old literary work, including Chaucer and Shakespeare. Old English could be said to be my second language, especially the simpler form that you use for Luna which is rooted in Shakespearean work.

4378807 Back when I started the story, Luna Eclilpsed was the only Luna episode we had, so I based her story speech on that blended Old English mix. The voice actor even said she was trying to keep it archaic but understandable by viewers. So in that spirit, I've stuck to it for the whole story. Plus it seems to give her a very proper, and regal air about her character.

4378851 I've always loved that portrayal of Luna, and you've done a great job of sticking to it.

Definitely still here eagerly awaiting!

Still here and waiting Indigo, till I am dead I will probably be here to take a peek XD

To Love the Moon? What was tha- OOHHH! Right! I friggin' love this thing. Here here to an awesome return.
Oh and don't feel bad about disappearing. People still wait for HunterxHunter chapters. Though I personally feel your work is more enjoyable.
I'll have to reread the last few chapters when the next update goes. Its all a blur of Nightmare dreams, and POW, and and epic battle in a canyon that I think was won? I think it was finished... maybe? There was alot of build up and and action, but I don't actually remember the resolution. Oops.
Well, for what its worth, you got my support as reader. Carry on you glorious bastard. Carry on.

4380923 Cant blame you forgetting things. I wrote the bloody story and even I forgot a few key points in the last chapter. Having to go back and reread to refresh myself on the bread crumbs of hints and story links. I am surprised you forgot the end of the battle though. :applecry:
That was the best part.

Looking forward to it.

Without a doubt I am still here. 100% my favorite story on FIMfiction and I am happy to say it. cannot WAIT to see a new chapter

We're definitely still here! Don't apologize for real life problems. After all, you can't rush quality.

Give me a holler if you need some help editing.


I'm still eagerly awaiting the next chapter! Time waiting is no issue for me! Besides! I can just re-read the story! :pinkiehappy:

Please! Yes! Write more horse words! Finish the story! I beg of you!

still here!

Still here! and shall never leave!

Eyy, glad to hear you're still around! If you need an editor I'm available.

i will follow this story to my grave... maybe not that far but its pretty damn good ill tell yathat cant wait man also hope this year treats ya better

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