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Indigo Eclipse

I read it for the Plot.


10k words and counting. Split or keep going? · 5:50pm Dec 10th, 2015

So the new chapter is sitting at a self-edited 10k words and there's still quite a bit more to happen. Best guess, 15-16k words total? So pony friends, do you want the whole chapter broken into two so you can just have something to chew on or wait for the full, final product? This is marking the end of a major arc and moving into the next which is the only reason I'm hesitant on just publishing a part of it.
Just curious your thoughts and wanted to update you on the progress. :rainbowkiss:

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Image hosting suggestion for TLTM? · 4:09am Dec 3rd, 2015

Heya pony-folks. As I'm plugging away trying to wrap this chapter up. (By Luna, I really hope yall enjoy it. Some head-trippy space/time mind-bucking at one point, then Star goes all rawr! I am dah protector of da ponies, And there's this spear thing, And Luna just straight-up owns everyone. Everyone.)
Where was I? Oh, right. I wanted to add a few sketches to the chapter then I realized that Fim-Fic doesn't store the images. So apparently I have to host them from elsewhere.

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Chapter Progress, an update · 3:16am Nov 23rd, 2015

Hey pony folks, thought I'd just keep you in the loop of how the chapter is coming.

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New Chapter by Thanksgiving · 9:59pm Nov 4th, 2015

Huzzahs and salutations.
Generally speaking, my RL obligations, projects and drama-time has been more or less cleared or pushed to a point it's no longer an issue. While I need a little time to read through at least the last few chapters for continuity's sake, I can finally get back to writing.
Assuming no deaths or life-threatening emergencies, expect a new chapter by Thanksgiving.

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Ponies and pony things · 1:26am Sep 2nd, 2015

For those of you still kicking around this place, yes, I still live. Thank you for hanging in there.
No the story is not forgotten.
Yes, I'm going to finish it.
Short version of what's been going on, in life you often get dragged away to handle other tasks and projects.
The good news is that I'm working to clear some of that up.
Please accept my apology for the long delay for the next chapter as it was never intended to have such a lengthy wait.

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Quick note · 9:46pm Apr 21st, 2015

New chapter is in the works. I should have had it done a couple weeks ago, but life can be unpredictable. Family obligations, drama with roomies, and putting in extra hours at work.

Anyway, point is, the story is not finished and as soon as I can get over this nasty little cold my roomies were so kind to bring into the house, I'll get back on it. It'll be the final chapter of the current story arc but there's still plenty to tell, so don't fret if you're enjoying the tale.

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The truth about Luna's banishment and return · 3:32pm Jan 30th, 2015

(PS: Turn on CC, trust me)

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Chapter Sketches · 6:51pm Jan 29th, 2015

Hey pony-people,
I'd like your opinion on something.
I've been considering doing some sketches for scenes in the story and just adding them at the end of the associated chapters.
What I'd like to know is if you think this would take away from your enjoyment? Break your mental picture of the characters and settings?
They'd just be pencil sketches since I just don't have the time to do full clean-up and color, so they'd be very rough.

Anyway, just a thought.

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A problem with the tragedy tag · 3:50pm Jan 4th, 2015

I keep getting asked why there's a tragedy tag for To Love the Moon. The definition I read way back said that it could be used on stories that ended bittersweet rather than in death/destruction. There's also the problem of this site not allowing comedy and sad to exist together.

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Musical Theory and the Princesses · 6:55pm Aug 28th, 2014

So, as I'm writing the new chapter (Yes, I'm back into a writing groove) I thought about the four alicorn Princesses and what combination of instruments would best represent them. I guess you could say, imagine a royal fanfare or theme song made for each alicorn, who would prefer what?
Personally, I think of the following but I'd love to debate/discuss it along with musical styles that they might prefer.
Celestia: Brass horns with heavy drums. A traditional military and bombastic fanfare.

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