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Indigo Eclipse

I read it for the Plot.

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Thoughts on Contiuning the story. · 4:27pm Dec 8th, 2019

This blog wont let me post a poll, so I'll need yall to take a moment and share your thoughts on a few topics.
1) Continuing the story using a Patreon method would be helpful and making a little side income would allow putting out a monthly chapter very likely. That said, no chapter would be pay-walled, and I'd have to come up with some sort of bonus content for those that go above and beyond in support. I am hesitant of going this route, but the benefit to the fans is more reliable chapter updates. So I'm interested in your take on this.

2) At the time of writing, a lot of the story writing was on the fly as a writing experiment. Trying new ideas, exploring interesting concepts, and just letting the characters flow along. Many things did work, but there are a few that were interesting on their own but jut out of the story like a thorn on a rose. One example is the Cheerilee part. Of all the plot threads that's probably the one I see most people take issue with and I have to agree.
That said, the reason I bring this up is I am considering two paths forward. Either continue the story as-is with all its flaws in the foundations of the early story.
Or, restart the story. I know reboot has negative association to the word but hear me out. Yes, some parts would be worked out of the story like the whole teacher-student Cheerilee thing, but in its place, you'll get things like Starstep and Lighthoof's days in the academy. Strengthening our connection to the duo and building on their friendship a lot more. It would also give us more exploration into Starsteps infatuation with Luna before becoming a guard proper and attempting his courtship. Annnd the courtship itself would be cleaned up a lot. Luna will still be Luna, but she would be toned back on the abusive parts.

3) If the story did have a reboot so to speak, use this part to tell me about specific things within the story you disliked. I cant please everyone but at least it would give me feedback to consider what sections have real problems.

Report Indigo Eclipse · 605 views · Story: To Love the Moon ·
Comments ( 24 )

I would be interested in a reboot (need to reread anyways) and it kinda sounds like you're leaning towards it too. I agree with the parts you mention but I haven't seen the patreon route work for most people on this site. If you start one up, don't feel obligated to force out a chapter if the extra income can't make up for time you need to spend elsewhere.

I personally love the story as it is, and while I would love to see the backstory, I myself found the Cherilee part interesting, though I know not everyone did. I would definitely be willing to throw some bits your way in order to see more of this story, it to this day remains my favorite pony story

i am not really sure what to say.
i do love this story but is has been so long i would have to reread the hole things at this point.
i am going to go with a total reboot as now that G4 is over you would have way more to work with.

as to using Patreon i know of a few authors that make it work and i know of some who say to stay away from it and only say it is to much bother.

i guess the real question Indigo is are you willing to put the time in too bringing this grate story back to life??

I'm down for a reboot.

I prefer the story as is but if you want to reboot it anyway how about making it a separate story and have both of them? finish this one for those that started the journey from the start and maybe do the reboot for patreon users?

If I made a little cash to offset time spent, yeah. That's a realistic possiblity.
And I agree with you on the whole G4 thing. When I started the story we didn't have near the characters to work with. Like I really love Glim Glams character and she'd certainly play off Starstep and Lighthoof quite well as a friend. We also had the introduction of Kirin, Hippogryphs, and expansion into griffons. There's a way more material to reinforce what I was already going for. So certainly a lot of good there. As well as now that G4 is offically over, I dont have to worry about a future episode imploding my story.
I suppose my biggest hesitation is people being up in arms about ending the core story to restart. But it is what it is.

I understand your thoughts on the matter. And the original story certainly wouldn't be deleted for those that wanted to relive those parts.
At this point with all the content we've gotten in G4, if I shipped anyone with Twilight now, it'd probably be Sunset Shimmer and let Cherrilee take the role of the wise mare who can help guild Star and the CMC through life issues.

Short of doing some sort of Epilogue type chapter, there's still a lot of plot threads that needed to be resolved. To do it proper wouldn't be a short journey and I have to go back and take notes on every chapter to refresh my memory of every character, threads they were involved with.
I'm not against continuing, I'm just looking at all possibilities and what would result in the strongest story telling option.

I'm down for a reboot, I did think the crazy rapist guy seemed a bit over the top in the original.

I love the story as it is and would prefer to see continuation of it. I personaly dont have good expirience with reboots. I think that best way to do it is to continue withthe story as it is and explore new posibilities like new races in future chapters.
And to add some background to events that already happened maby you coulduse some sidestories or chapters that happened betwen some chapters that already happened ? But I am not shure witch one would be better. Anyway I would love to see more of luna relationship and if you decide to open patreon i would love to support you there.

I understand, i just thought it would be a shame to waste what is here already i think its so good that ive read it several times, i get why some people would want certain things changed but i think those parts give real depth to the story and help flesh it out. I imagine you would be going over the story anyway if you were doing the reboot so you would be familiarising yourself with the story one way or the other, maybe continue it as is but put links at the end of chapters before ones you would change and make those available to patreon subscribers and create alternate versions of whats happening but it lets you keep most of whats already there for you to work from rather than starting from scratch?

Humm... I'm thinking continuation ... over reboot. But it's really up to you.

I didn't see a problem with the cheerilee part I thought her talking about and being happy over the pregnancy were everyone else kept calling it a accident and upsetting her was well written. Also their both adults and him studding for cheerilee and twilight isn't that farfetched in a society with mostly mares... technically if you do a reboot I hope he gets twilight and a few more ponies pregnant... for those upset over her being teacher and student their not anymore hes in the military. Otherwise anyone who is married to a teacher is guilty by once being a student at one point in their life.


Glad to see that you're alive and kicking, and still thinking about moving this story along even after all this time. It never hurts putting up a Patreon, though you'll have to deliver on your end in terms of content once you get some supporters.

as mundane as this might be to say, I don't HAVE anything i didn't like about it...really. if you reboot it, i'll read it. if you keep posting, i'll keep reading. your stuck with me ^^

Here are my thoughts:

First, you do whatever you think is best.

In terms of a Patreon, I would be more than happy to contribute something once I find another job.

I PERSONALLY would have split up the story into smaller parts. This is one of the dangers of writing one large story; small plot loopholes can be hard to fix within the scope of a single story. There's no shame in finishing up the main story and writing smaller side-stories to help fill in the gaps.

Now, I myself really like the story. But you can also just start over as well.

I REALLY like Cherilee in this story. She has a dynamic that I don't see often, and I personally think that's valuable to the story. It would be kind of a shame to lose that. And while yes, Sunset and Twilight are kinda a thing, that doesn't mean that Twilight and Cherilee can't be shipped. It might actually be interesting to see how Sunset handles the fact that her "crush" has a marefriend and how things work out between the three of them (Which, I know, cliche love triangle. But I digress).

Now, I'm going to have to agree with 5166346 on that psychopath; he was... over the top. Also, I don't really think that that sub-plot really added anything substantial to the story. It was interesting, sure. But idk...

Long story short:

I would be happy either way. I would love for the story to be continued, but I would be more than happy with a rewrite. There's nothing wrong with not conforming to the G4 universe that evolved while you were away, but incorporating it into a rewrite could add new avenues to explore.

I also need to re-read the story. Maybe I'll have a few more opinions, maybe not.

remember you right the story for you not the readers.

It's ultimately up to you as you are the one writing this but I would like to see this story continued. Personally I don't feel that the flaws are to bad to require a reboot.

I would prefer to just continue the story. But if you do choose to reboot it, I would still read it.

I just started reading the story, so I can not comment on it, but if you feel a reboot is necessary, do it. But please leave the original up as well, it will have it's on charm separate from a reboot. :twilightsmile:

Man, all I care about is seeing that the story gets finished. I love it and would be glad to help pay for it, but if you feel a reboot is in order, it is your story.

I'm fine just continue where you left off but if you end up going for the reboot I'd prefer the archive the original

I'd prefer it continue as is.

All honesty, this was one of the first stories I started reading on this site. I would love to continue reading it in whatever direction you take it in. If you feel you need to reboot from scratch, do that, either way, when you start posting this again, I will be reading.

I love the prospect of the character growth with Star and Light. Some smoothing out wouldn't be a bad idea, that being said, minus a few small points the story is excellent (Honestly my favourite on the whole sight). I'd be down to hop on the patreon band wagon as well. I am also agree with some other people here, if you do a reboot, archiving the original would be a perfect idea.

Say you do reboot it, once you reach the point where the current story has reached, you can always put a footnote or message to say "Hey, the story is continuing where we left off on (insert link/story name)"

Just my two cents.

ps. So glad you are back, and hope your doing well!
pps. owo

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