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Indigo Eclipse

I read it for the Plot.

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To Love the Moon returns tonight. · 1:39pm Jan 29th, 2016

Are you hyped? I'm hyped.
The story resumes tonight in all its large chapter glory. So if you need to reread the last few chapters to prepare, now is your chance.
This chapter will mark the end of the Exodus story arc and the start of the next.
I haven't decided what to call the next arc yet:
The Prince and the Voices
Night Court Shenanigans
SteelHoof's Niece
BatPonies vs Ol' Rowdy
Sherry and Peach Blossom's House of Pain

Who knows? But interesting times ahead. Stay tuned.

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Comments ( 12 )

I will be watching for it vary closely.

Too slow! we must has it now!!!

Just kidding. but I guarantee everyone who saw your post is now incredibly excited for what is to come

As much as I would love to post now, it still needs a tiny bit of clean up after I get off work.

3720750 Understandable my friend. Im pretty sure I have told you before, but this is easily the best fic I have read on this site, and I have read several amazing ones. Your talent of writing is amazing, and I do some writing myself, though yours makes mine pale in comparison. And you know what, im just fine with that. Im not sure if you do any other projects with writing, but this story is incredible enough I would buy it off a shelf if it could be published

All of this names are so dark... especially the last one.

I suppose that depends on whos shoes you're in. If you're Lighthoof, yeah, it's a scary thing to be on the receiving end of Sherry's wrath. If you're Starstep, it's more comical.
And Steelhoof's niece isn't all that bad. In fact, you've already met her in the show. :raritywink:

Well as embarrassing as it is when I seen this post I about shot through the roof your story is what made me make an account

Damn... i have some car fixin and some beer drinkin to do tonight... maybe tomorrow then

It'll be here when you return :rainbowkiss:

Didn't notice until 2 hours past my bedtime... Will read on the morrow when I'm not absolutely sleep fucked.
Just know, you made my night. And will probably have made my morning as well.

Haven't read the latest chapter, but when is the next coming out? I used to be into the soarin/rainbow ship. Your story changed me in ways didn't think I could!

3720750 My offer as an editor is still there! Just saying!

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