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What would happen if you one day discovered that you were responsible for accidentally creating an entire world? A macrocosm that had developed itself with an independent government and economy, and has proven itself for the the last few millennium against all evil-doers and nefarious schemers?

More importantly, how would those people who you created react? What if those people were ponies?

(The picture is from a meme generator, and I don't have the full source, so if that is a problem, message me and I'll do something about it.)
(And the title might be stolen from something else, but that wasn't the intent of this, so, again, message me if you have a problem with it, and I'll change it.)

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You find yourself trotting along, life far behind you, memories fading into nothing but a nightmare that you once lived.... when you find a new friend, can you accept him? (this is my first fanfic, and so feed back is appreciated!!) *note; not all tags may apply right away

(Warning, this story is not the best. Far from it.)

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