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On a Temporary Hiatus · 2:25pm Apr 14th, 2021

No, I'm not leaving. But this week and the week after have me extremely busy with paperwork and presentations, and I can't guarantee that I'll be able to produce anything until they're all done.

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One of my own is gone · 1:23am Mar 14th, 2021

One of my former work buddies died last night. I wish I could say it was the first. He was a good guy, laughed and joked a lot. I should have loosened up and enjoyed his company. He was liked by a lot of people. Now his fiancé will never call him her husband.

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I promise I'm still alive · 3:57pm Mar 7th, 2021

No, I didn't quit. Or randomly fuck off and die.

I've just been really, really depressed. And tired, and utterly disinterested in doing much of anything at all.

I have been working, albeit slowly. Feeling drained makes inspiration hard to come by.
I'll try to have something in soon, at least before the month is over. Hopefully the blockage will lighten up after that and I won't be this absent

Take care of yourself.

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Oh yeah, Valentine's Day is Sunday · 5:15am Feb 8th, 2021

Any particular requests to commemorate? I've got works on the way but if people want specifics...

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I seem to have made people mad · 7:16pm Jan 29th, 2021

lol it's gonna be my most-downvoted story ever and not one will say why. Shipping in fanfiction is serious business, y'all.

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You Know Something? · 5:10am Jan 20th, 2021

I'm fucking old.

Birthday's today. At some point they started being less joyful and... well, more a reminder of impending mortality. Just another stepping stone to the grave.

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One Year Anniversary: The Recap · 5:03am Jan 18th, 2021

How in the unholy fuck did I only start this up a year ago??

Sweet, candy-ass shitbiscuits, it feels like an eon ago. And it's been a whole helluva lot of work, too. Let's take a look at how things have gone since I started this racket (before 2020's nonsense got real):

  • 17 Published Stories
  • 272,243 Words
  • 1,144 Likes versus 161 Dislikes
  • Average Rating: 87.6%
  • 18,047 Individual Views
  • 279 Comments (AKA ones that aren't mine)

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The holidays are over- back to work · 1:44am Jan 5th, 2021

Title pretty much says it. I'm back on the grindstone again, so expect some updates in the next week or two, as well as a new story- more or less the same style I've been doing for a while now.

HOWEVER... I only have so many ideas of my own. Would always appreciate a new suggestion worthy of taking on.

Some other remarks:

1. This will get a sequel.

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Some thoughts regarding New Year's · 11:10pm Dec 31st, 2020

The anticipated day has arrived: 2020 is swiftly becoming no more. For some reason, everyone somehow now thinks the world will now suddenly be drastically improved. Positive thinking fun, but some thoughts come to mind:

1. Every year has bad things happen in it. 2021 will have plenty of bad things happen. Accept it before it even happens.

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Cheers to 100 Followers · 3:24am Nov 29th, 2020

Didn't think I'd ever get that many- honestly started this whole thing up for my own satisfaction to spew my nonsense.

Will I continue to be a massive man-whore? Oh, most definitely. Will I create more crack-ships to fuel my idiocy? Damn right.

Keep giving suggestions, keep checking in. Cheers, my fellow perverts. This one's for you.

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